Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Duct Tape Craze, Creative or Crazy?!

So Marquette is off in the throws of our church's girls camp and so your stuck with me this week! Muahahahahah!!
 On a bright note, we have fun stuff for you this week so make sure and check in with us all week! Woohoo!
Stacey is feelin' the heat, the summer heat that is, and I have to admit I have been too. It is IMPOSSIBLE to work out when it is humid, I feel like I can't breath!! For those of you who aren't familiar, Marquette and I live in Southern New Mexico and have been enjoying the heat, however seeing as it is monsoon season it has been HUMID (for us anyways) and all of us down here feel like we are going to DIE! I don't know how all ya'll in Florida, Georgia, anywhere where it's humid really do it! How do you deal with it?! I feel like I am dying! :(
Well anyways again with the heat, Stacey sent us this Pinstrosity, she told about how it is just too hot to send your kiddos outside to play and I can't blame her, so she stayed inside and they did Duct Tape crafts!!
This is a big trend right now, and the Duct Tape company even holds a Duct Tape Prom competition every year. If you haven't seen this Google it, its really pretty amazing! It's a bunch of super talented creative kids! I love it!
**Enough chatter lady, where are the pictures?! Cue impatient blog hungry reader haha ;)**
The Original
Stacey used two pictures as her Pinspiration, however she had a hard time finding an actual tutorial for a duct tape hat.
With that being said, here are her and her kiddos creations!
The Pinstrosity

How cute are they?!?! (the kids lol)

Well they aren't exactly baseball caps, but they do make hat status, I'm thinking more of a Peter Pan look?!
What do we think readers?!
She had a hard time with the amount of tape on the roll depending on what type of pattern you got.
Note to readers: Glow In the Dark does NOT have very much on it haha
Her first misstep was buying the tape and then deciding on a project.
Always decide your project and then grab your materials.
The other snag she ran into here was that there weren't any written directions just pictures.
Well I think I have an answer for you Stacey...Drum Roll Please!!!
The duct is put on top of an actual baseball cap.
I feel this would be the best way to do it anyways, it gives you the structure you need, the shape, and well it's just dang convenient.
Not to mention I think that is what is going on in the original photos as well.
So there it is, mystery solved! If you don't have a hat on hand, this would be a great time to go to the thrift store and get a cheap used one, you can wash it in the washer and then tape it up. Or the dollar store for that matter, it doesn't have to be cute so it can be any color or logo really.
There are few things in this world I WILL NOT buy from the thrift store including but not limited to:
Lotions/soaps etc. (some leniency given to unbroken seals and packages)
Well HATS are USUALLY on the list, but seeing as the hat itself will not be near the skin (lice anyone? head sweat? Being a cosmetologist I just have lots of horror stories). I think you will be ok using a thrifted hat for this since it is fully covered by tape when it is all said and done.
With that being said I would like to mention the sad ordeal her little man had to go through with exposed sticky portion of the tape being exposed on the underside of the hat. Make sure that there is no sticky exposed on the inside or you will have some balding going on! Ouch!
All in all I think this is completely fixable, and her kids loved doing the project, and the ending product so for that I say it was a win that day!
Any Duct Tape experts out there willing to give us some "Insider Tips and Tricks"?!
Sound off below! We love your feedback!


  1. The printed tapes usually have less tape on the roll than the solid colored tapes. And the prism/glow tapes have even less.

  2. Couldn't you do most of the project with good ol' grey duct tape and the last few covering wraps with the fancy?

  3. I couldn't agree more with your thrift store list. I always WANT to find something in the nightgown/robe section (I love the older, more modest styles), but I can NEVER bring myself to actually want to buy it and take it HOME. =)

  4. I did some research, and it looks like the original pictures used a real baseball hat only as a guide/template:

    I still LOVE the Pinstrosity! Stacey did a GREAT job making those by just using the picture (it's hard without instructions)!

  5. "throes of camp" ;)

    I'm betting those hats were actual caps covered in tap or at the very least, the bills were probably cardboard inside.

  6. ...and "breathe."

    I've lived in Florida since 1989 and yes, the humidity can be awful, but it's only during the summer months that it gets unbearable. And I think it's keeping my skin from becoming too much like a crocodile's! (Remember those Nivea commercials?)

    Those kids are absolutely adorable, and I think the hats turned out really cute. Maybe the original used a blown-up balloon to get the round shape?


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