Friday, June 21, 2013

Sharpie Mugs: Pin Tested!!

So some good friends of mine are coming to stay with Chip and I for the weekend and getting everything ready for BFF Palooza has been all consuming!
Somehow though, in the last day or two Camille (another BFF), and I found time to test the Sharpie Design Your Own Mug Pin, there are a variety, here are some the most popular:
The Originals
The above pin is the one I see pinned the most, we used this one as our base instructions. This pin says to use a clean mug, draw on your creations, and cook at 350 for 30 minutes. After some more research we added these other two pins and made our project a mash up of the best Sharpie Mug Pins.
This one says to finish your creations with a spray finish, after it has baked and cooled, lucky for me I happened to have two different types of spray finish on hand!
This one we simply pinned because we thought it was smart to put in a cake pan, and the saying was cute :) Stocking stuffers anyone?!
Here are Camille's design inspiration pins:
and here is my inspiration...
Here are our results!!
The Pin-Wins!!
Here is what we started with...
Camille's creations...(I like hers better than mine, my creative juices just weren't flowing yesterday...)

Aren't they cute! She did a Star Wars theme on one side, and inside the mug, and then personal interests on the other side and their names on the handle. Their wedding anniversary is next week so she gave it to him as a early present :) I just love them, they are the best friends!!
And here are mine, (maybe I should label them Pinstrosity I am NOT happy about how Chip's turned out... :P ) I was going for a funny mug on a  mug look, but it just looks silly and out of place, oh well, the Graham Cracker box is pretty accurate and he eats "Graham Crampckers and Malk"(as we call it in our house) every night so I know it will get used :)
And for some reason my camera isn't working today, so I apologize that the below pictures are out of focus, but you still get the gist I hope.

So what's our tried and true method?
We used clean white ceramic mugs that we got at Wal-Mart, Camille used ONLY Sharpie and I used a combo of Sharpie and Bic permanent markers. We colored what we wanted on them, if you mess up you can quickly lick your finger and smudge off or use a wet paper towel and it comes of like dry erase marker. We put them in a pre heated 350 degree oven for 30 minutes, let them cool completely and then Camille used Enamel Clear Finishing Coat Spray, and I used Matte Spray Finish.
Now when they had cooled and before I used the spray I noticed if I rubbed at them vigorously the color started to fade, but after the spray I am free and clear! They are permanent!!
I think the key to this is a finishing spray, if you like the matte look I got my spray at Wal-Mart in the Spray Paint section. The one Camille borrowed from me I found in the craft section at Wal-Mart, and hers was a gloss finish.
Good luck with this Pinstrosipeeps!!
**We have had some questions about washing and the toxicity of the spray and I'm sorry I didn't clarify beforehand, the BFF trio got here and it was party time!!
So the Krylon spray did not clarify if it was non-toxic or not however I didn't spray the lip area or inside the mug. I will have to see if Camille sprayed inside her mugs because she had designs inside. I know some would be concerned if it was toxic, but I am not worried about it because I was careful to not put it on the lip area. I also don't have a dishwasher so I am not sure how it would handle that, but so far it has withheld hand washing.** 


  1. I've used both Sharpies and Pocelaine pens and the Porcelaine works SO much better.

    Love the designs :)

  2. Fantastic!!! We have some mugs from our wedding dishes that are cool patterned but white. I was thinking about adding some splashes of color, and now I'll definitely have to get the spray!

  3. Have you washed them yet? Are they dishwasher proof?

  4. Have you put them in the dishwasher????

  5. I did these for Father's Day. I used black sharpie only, and no spray sealer. I was concerned about the safety. Huge hit! Dad drinks everything out of his Siamese cat mug.

  6. Have you washed them yet? And if so, how did they handle it? I'm assuming that running them through the dishwasher wouldn't work.

    Glad the pins actually work! :)

  7. Is the Krylon spray finish safe to drink from, though?

  8. Is the spray non-toxic and food-safe?

  9. I love this idea, but I would be extremely cautious using either Sharpie or the sealing sprays on the inside of a mug, or on any part that touches food or the lips. Sharpies are non-toxic, but only when used as a marker. I imagine there are food-safe sprays you can get, but I wouldn't do this with plain spray paint/sealer.

  10. I've tried so many things with this craft...before I found your site (also via pinterest ;) )Colored sharpie, black sharpie, bic permanents, paint pens. cooking twice (cooling between cooking)...but hadn't heard of using the spray. so far, the cooking twice (put in the oven, preheat to 350, cook for 20-30, turn off oven, let cool completely, then remove. wait 24 hours, repeat)...worked very well for black sharpie. everything else could be scrubbed off. Especially my daughter's completely colored plate! but even the plate where I wrote a quote in black and drew a rose in red (and green for leaves :) )...the black is fine and the red and green are rubbing off...without heavy scrubbing. Maybe the paint sealer is the trick I needed! Maybe we can still do this with our girls club (GEMS)..Thanks

  11. Thank you for this pin! I've tried so many variations with limited success. The only thing that had worked so far is black sharpie, when cooked twice (place in cold oven, heat to 350, cook for 20-30 min, turn off oven and let cool completely. wait approx 24 hours. repeat). Everything else (bic, colored sharpie, paint-pens (I think they were acrylic?)...washes off, with relative ease! Maybe this sealer is finally what I needed. Thanks Pinstrosity, maybe we can yet use this as a GEMS (girls club) activity!

  12. Love, love, love the Harry Potter one. I'll have to make one myself. :) Your grumpy cat is also lovely!

  13. This is a 50/50 shot. It depends on what the varnish/coating is on the mugs before you draw. We attempted this for Christmas gifts last year and it was the biggest flop, especially if they go through the dishwasher. My husband ordered a special pen made for ceramics and it worked great. We tested it on the mug that fell and broke, this included dishwasher, scrubbing, ect. My son was so happy to draw all over them for grandpa's & uncle.

  14. So just finished baking my design! It looks awesome, and thanks for the info! I just need to go to michaels to buy the spray. Thought you guys might want to see the before/after. It lost color somewhat but i think it still looks good!!

    Before Baking:

    After Baking:

  15. I used regular permanent markers, black and color. The color faded almost completely off during baking. I have the spray to seal it in after, but do you have a tip for keeping the color from fading?

  16. So glad you found my link! The spray really is the trick (& yes no lip area & use toxic-free)...though I wish I had just used the pocelaine pens that I thought of in the first place, but hey I was trying out a pin that I knew was to good to be true & at least I had those supplies on hand. We still love our mugs & hope you do to!

  17. I am going to try this project this weekend does it matter if the mugs are ceramic or stoneware?

  18. Did this and the krylon ate the sharpie off my mugs. Got the same kind at Walmart as yall did. Supposed to be gifts for work tomorrow. Oh well.

  19. If I use colored Sharpies like green,purple and red, will the colors fade during the baking process? Or should I put the finishing spray on before I bake the mugs to conceal the colors in while baking? Someone please help me!

    1. Hi Emily! I'm the blog poster from the DIY for Mommies page, just wanted to tell you, yes your markers will fade during baking, please don't spray sealant and then put in oven, I imagine that doing that may be dangerous, not sure how flammable it is or how that could work out, best to not do that. Good luck!

  20. I'm so excited that you posted my Harry Potter mug! When I googled the best "finish" for the art - it directed me here. Your site is awesome!


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