Friday, June 7, 2013

Faux Stained Glass

Michelle sent us this fun art project that ended up going awry!
Many of us love the look of stained glass, and the fun way the colors play with the sun. Why not have these fun colors and effects on a vase?! If your vase holds flowers the water in the vase will also have a fun effect on the stained glass colors and just adds a beautiful artsy edge ( I sound like I am describing a Stained Glass Vase for sale on Etsy haha).
 Check out today's Pinstrosity!!

The Original

This is achieved by using a specific technique using Alcohol Ink Air Splatter Paint (the link to the left will take you to a video on how to specifically do this technique). The original blogger tried this originally on paper mache easter eggs, and then took the tecnique over to glass which worked really well for her! **Warning, these finished projects should not be near flames or extreme heat becasue they can be flammable due to ingredients in the specific paint needed for this project!**

The Pinstrosity

Now let me preface this by saying that I LOVE this (Michelle if this vase needs a new home send it my way!!)! Michelle isn't a fan of how it turned out but I think it would make a great table centerpiece!! I like that it is funky and all the colors run together!!! I think it's fabulous!!

Here is what Michelle had to say about it:
"...It didn't turn out right. They used a votive and I used a glass medium size vase.
I put paper down that I got from Hobby Lobby and the paint soaked through and damaged my dining table. Ugh so upset.
The canned air sprayed out water like substance and I thought it was going to spray out air. That caused a different affect. Very dissappointed with the out come. The paints were $20 and vase $7.99 from Hobby Lobby.
The canned air from Kroger was $8.99. I've spent too much money on a project that didn't turn out. :( "

This technique involves using specific paint for the glass medium you're using, and then a dropper to put a small drop of rubbing alcohol on the fresh wet paint and then using the spray air to give a splatter and thinning effect.
(Unfortunately the computer I am on today is too slow to play the video or have spellcheck :( Ancient!!! So I haven't watched it, but I did read the directions and that is the jist that I gathered from there).
So lesson number one:
Put down carboard, or do this project outside becasue it's messy!

2. Sometimes when using spray air if the can is too cold the spray air won't perform like it should. If your can is too cold, let it sit for about 20 minutes and then try the spray technique again.

3. Also Michelle's vase looks like she painted lines of color, and then let the "water" from the spray can give it a runny paint look (which I like actually), if you are going for more of a "splatter" look I would suggest putting the vase on it's side, painting more of a circualr pattern of colors, then spraying each which will help keep a more circular paint shape. If the vase is on it's side the paint won't drip downward like in Michelle's case. This technique will take longer but if it's the effect you are looking for I think it would be worth it!!

Does anyone have experience with this project? Have any other tips!?
Like I said, I love the way Michelle's turned out, but if you are going for a vase more like the original there are a few steps you can take to ensure that happens!
Happy Friday Pinstrosipeeps!!


  1. I think it turned out pretty cute! :)

  2. I like the "pinsttrosity" better than the original!!! Goodjob.

  3. I love how it came out! I've almost done this craft but I don't have the money to buy the alcohol inks. And you say it shouldn't be used with a candle inside b/c the ink is flammable? Well I'm glad someone else tried this before I invested in it. I'm having a hard enough time finding decent glass paint.

  4. Seems to me you could use a hairdryer instead of the canned air. If you wanted to try to salvage this project and the money you spent, I bet acetone nail polish remover would take the paint off without harming the glass. (Just be very careful not to get any acetone on your table!)

  5. I think we should ALL spell it unfrotunately from now. It's much better.

    And I agree that vase is fun, it would look great with flowers in it!

  6. canned air can be really picky. You have to hold it vertical (straight up and down) or it will spray out the liquid.

  7. What about trying it with Sharpies? Instead of the paint? We've been doing Sharpie tie-dye at my house lately (a lot) and it dries quick, disperses with rubbing alcohol, and is permanent when dry. I think the Sharpies would be a lot easier to control than the spray paint.

    Just a thought! (One I might try when I get a chance. We have lots of old vases around the house.)

  8. I actually like both, i don't think that the Pinstrosity one is that bad... :)


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