Thursday, June 27, 2013

I'm Blue Da Ba Dee

So now that I have that song stuck in your head, you might as well watch the video and get it really  jammed in there
Ok so today's Pinstrosity had me thinking of this song right away!!! I has to share, after all when is the last time you listened to this 90's gem of a jam eh?
Also I would like to apologize for not posting Tuesday, I was ironically enough working on another post for Saturday! A sacrifice for the greater good I would say!
So Holly sent this to us and I have to say it gave me a chuckle. But no worries Holly, we have all had beauty blunders. Like that one bad haircut in 8th grade, and 9th, and probably 10th too. That time we waxed/plucked our eyebrows too much. Or perhaps that facial mask that made our skin worse. The gist is we have ALL been there, so don't worry about it! This will just serve as a warning to other pinners!!
The Original

This pin is helpful for all of us who tend to forget about keeping our feet nice during the long dry winter.
Holly tried this pin out and followed ALL the directions exactly but accidentally lost track of time (relaxed much? haha) and left her feet soaking for 30 minutes, instead of 10! She said her feet felt amazing but that she will be staying away from sandals for a while...oops!

The Pinstrosity

It looks like she accidentally stepped on a smurf village!!
 Ah! I feel like this would happen to me, haha.
Thanks for sharing with us Holly!!

Now she didn't say what she used that was blue in her foot bath mix, but the only thing I saw that would perhaps do that in the articles ingredients list would be shampoo? So when using this pin make sure you follow time directions, and stay away from weird colored dyes!!

Happy Thursday Pinstrosipeeps!!



  1. CJ Roshak left this comment on our Facebook page:

    I just read your blog about the lady who ended up with blue feet from soaking them. I've tried everything to help my feet feel and look better, not just in the summer but year round. Soaking feels great, but it did nothing, not even with the help of various scrubs and soaking products. Lotion helped for a little while, but not long. Using those huge Emory boards for feet worked, but also not for long. Then I saw a product in a hardware store while with my husband. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet. They also have some for hands. I bought one of each, but was sure these would be put aside because they didn't work, either. After a week, I got the shock of my life: my feet were so much better! It was winter when I bought my first tin, and using it at night or in the morning didn't matter: my feet softened up and stayed soft, as long as I used this product at least every other day. It's now summer, and I am using it before bed. I cant remember the last time I had uncracked heels and soft feet. I noticed that this product is offered in more stores now, like Bed Bath and Beyond. It's a blue tine for feet, green for hands. I don't use the hands one very often, but the one for feet, yes, every night. And it seems to last quite a long time. I'm still using the first one I bought, last winter. I have another on hand when this one runs out, but think it will probably last all summer.

    1. O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet and their Working Hands Cream is made about 20 minutes from where I live in Sisters, OR. It's all over the place here. I love the Working Hands cream but never tried the foot product. Now I know what to get!

  2. I've seen several pins now that call for using MOUTHWASH in a footbath (it's minty and so is most foot lotion?) so I could imagine that could stain as well! Oops. Hope it comes out fast!

  3. It's the insane Listerine foot bath that is doing the round on facebook and pinterest that promises to get all your dry skin fall off without effort.
    I tried it, my feet fortunately didn't turn blue, but no dead skin feel off either...FAIL

  4. It's Listerine...I used that pin to attempt to soften my feet....not only did it NOT work it left my feet stained blue too...and I took them out after the required 10 minutes!

  5. It is indeed the blue Listerine. I tried this foot soak, and made sure to use a lighter colored Listerine, BECAUSE I didn't want Smurf feet! It worked so well for me that it's become a weekly ritual. The rough skin doesn't just fall off, but you only need to slough it off with a towel, and your feet are as smooth as a baby's bottom.


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