Monday, June 17, 2013

Mix It Up Monday: We've Been MUGged

Occasionally here at Pinstrosity we like to do a theme week and well you're  in for a treat this week, because we are at it again!!

It's Mug Week!!!!

(Cue audience applause and excitement)
It's like Shark Week only less terrifying and more tasty.

To get things stared this week I thought we could do a roll call of the best mugs of Pinterest.
Enjoy, and stay tuned for all our mug recipes, experiments and conundrums!!

For all you non-morning people (Marquette and I fall into that category) this mug tells you when it's time to perk up!

My personal favorite, Grumpy Cat! (also not a morning

For all your cookie holding needs!

If anyone can name what movie this is seen in I will be super impressed!

For when you feel like you're running on empty.

Christmas list anyone?!

For our coffee lovers out there.

Drink coffee, then use gavel.
(Pinned on Pinterest as a mug...but it's really a nut cracker). 

And this one is just fantastic...

For the upcoming 4th of July festivities! 

And last but not least...

So there you have it, the best (and worst) mugs of Pinterest!!

Stay tuned for mug week and have an awesome Monday Pinstrosipeeps!!


  1. That pregnancy cup is from Baby Mama AKA the funniest movie in the history of ever. I have a fat lady crush on Amy Poehler and Tina Fey.

  2. Almost hyperventilating from excitement here. :) I <3 <3 <3 mugs. It's so bad. Mug week is going to be awesome!

  3. I love mugs. I have one that has a TARDIS on a London street that disappears and reappears on the other side in space when a hot beverage is put in it. If only it made the TARDIS noise too.

  4. Cool mugs! I love the cookie holder one. (I think the gavel mug is actually the sort of nutcracker that you screw the peg into until the nut breaks.)

    JoJo, I also have the TARDIS mug, but to go with it I got a TARDIS cookie jar (er, box). It makes the wooshy noise when you open it!

  5. Fun mug post! Although the "drink coffee, use as gavel" one is actually a nut cracker not a mug.

  6. I have the toilet mug. My husband is a housekeeper and apparently if you win employee of the month the bosses think that "here have this toilet! You must love toilets since you are good at you job!!"
    We keep change in it.

  7. I have the toilet mug. I can't bring myself to drink out of it. We keep change in it.


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