Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Better late than never eh?
I worked today, then came home and worked some more, went to the gym, made and ate dinner and now here I am, finally able to sit down and blog!!
This will continue Mug Week!!
Today we are touching on the Mug Cupcake trend, I like this because well it's practical if you live by yourself, want a small treat, or there are only two of you and a dozen or more treats really doesn't suit you.
Kellie sent us her attempt at a Mug Cupcake.
The Original
Looks delish,cute, and small but still decadent.
The Pinstrosity
Not quite the same huh?
Here is what she had to say about it:
"Tomorrow is my daughters first birthday so I baked cupcakes tonight for her party. Well I had a little batter left so I put it in a cup and tossed it in the microwave for three minutes...
I was happily icing cupcakes when I smelled smoke. I turned around and it was pouring out of the microwave! My kid was crying, cat was hissing at me, and smoke detectors throughout my entire apartment complex were buzzing!
I only filled the mug up about a fourth of the way... In hindsight I realize I should have only cooked it about one minute instead of three. And I definitely should have kept an eye on it.
I'm trying to get the smoke smell out of my house before my husband comes home from work haha! That'd be just a bit too embarrassing to tell!"
No worries Kellie, we have all been there :)
So what happened? Well first off I would suggest following the portions listed in the recipe of the original blog, I know we always think we can "I will just wing it.", or "What difference will it make?", but it DOES make a difference. If it didn't this site would not be needed/wanted haha
Another thing, Kellie should have done two minutes, maybe two and half and checked on it. The original says to do 2.5-3 minutes, but as a WARNING *All microwaves are different*. Keep this in mind, and keep an eye on this, I feel this is one of those foods that turns on you FAST!
As long as you are following the recipe directions, and keep an eye on it while it cooks I think there is a good chance this would work out well. I know some may find it inconvenient to watch it in the microwave while it cooks but seeing as most of us waste time on Pinterest, and throwing imaginary birds as pigs with hard hats on a daily basis I think we can manage haha.
Hope everyone had an awesome Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. Oh, sad! :( Mug cake batter and normal cake batter are QUITE different. Also, my new microwave cooks a mug cake in about half the time my old one did.

  2. I've never had one of those mug cakes that tasted good. They've all looked exactly like the recipe, but they're always tasteless, bland, and rubbery. I think it's making them in the microwave that does it.

    1. I have crash-tested a good handful of recipes before I found one I liked. This one is definately yummy, even if you leave out the chocolate chips and peanut butter. (I tend to put in closer to 2 tbs of sugar instead of 1/4 tsp when not including them, though.)

      The only thing I've ever done to mess up this cake is to use an icky cocoa powder. I thought all cocoa powders were all the same, but they are not.

  3. I tried that recipe once and the cake texture turned out perfect! but, it was a little bland. And it was definitely more like a muffin and less like a cake.

  4. This is a mug cake that actually tastes GOOD!!!!

  5. Probably she was right when she said 'a minute'. It only takes my microwave a minute to do a full mug cake, much less 1/4 of one. You can always put something back in the microwave longer, but you can't uncook anything.

  6. I always make brownies in the microwave, but not the mug version. I make the whole batter and bake it in muffin cups or tupperware, because seriously, why would anyone need a single lonely brownie? They turn out nice. I think the recipe should work and taste pretty good, especially with butter instead of oil. But yeah, stick to microwave recipes and don't try to microwave traditional recipes! I once did that with cookie dough - had to throw it out with the plate...

  7. Hi. Love your blog :)
    Well, mug cakes are everywhere ;) I've tried a couple of times but it turned out really rubbery, as you said.
    However, I've cooked "real" cake on the microwave and it works out great. Cake batters need to incorporate air, but that doesn't happen when you mix things with a fork. Cooking cake in a microwave it's not that hard. I've cooked a regular cake with 4 eggs in about 6/7 minutes. I even have the most amazing recipe of chocolate cake that comes out with topping, ready to eat, that cooks in 6 minutes :)

  8. Take a cake mix. Take two tablespoons (heaping) of dry mix. Place in large mug. Add one small container, (individual serving) applesauce. Stir. Mix. Nuke one minute. Cool a bit. Enjoy. Even if not quite done, it won't hurt you, cause no eggs. Easy, and you can make one up at a time without using anything but a spoon and mug. I use choc cake mix. The only bad part is soaking the mug when you are done.

  9. The secret to cooking mug cakes or muffins in the microwave is...never use HIGH power. If you check out microwave muffin recipes they always use about 60-70% power.

  10. Also an interesting fact about a lot of the ceramic dishes out there, many can go in the oven at the temps it takes to cook a cake (300-375). Check your set to see if it does. Think about it....they are fired at much higher temps than that, so your oven shouldn't hurt it.


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