Monday, June 24, 2013

Mix It Up Monday

I hope you all enjoyed Mug Week last week! It's always fun to do theme weeks. We have a few more up our sleeves for the near future. I really want to tell you our ideas, but it'd be way fun to spring the themes on you too.  Let's just say it'll be awesome. Are you excited? Well I am. Are there theme weeks you'd like to see on the blog? 

I've been trying to think what to do for today's Mix It Up Monday post for a few days (which is funny, because these are supposed to be easy...hahaha). I don't really have any funny stories, other than the story about driving home from a wedding on Saturday and having a deer cross the road in front of me and try to run off, but it ended up doing a somersault instead. It looked up with a "You didn't see anything" look and sauntered off. It's funny to me, but I'm sure it's not all that funny to read. 

So I figured I would show you a few of my favorite pins that I've pinned this past week.
Have you seen Monster's University yet? We haven't, but we will eventually. I've heard mixed reviews on it. But regardless...I thought this was hilarious (think back to the commercial Mike and Sully made in the first movie if you're having a hard time getting it).
I thought this was hilarious. Luckily Cameron has already assured me he's good with diapers, but I think this shirt is still work getting.
Anyone else see this pin and have the first thought be something about periods or peeing your pants? I know the pin links to an exercise site...but that's just unfortunate color placement on that picture, lol.

This is one I've been trying to integrate in my life lately, especially concerning Merle. I'd heard this quote before and it sounded cliche and I passed over it, but right now in my life it hits just right. Funny how that works.
I laughed so hard at this. I love it. What a good dog!
I love that picture! When Merle (that's what we're calling our kid until we know for sure what we're naming him) is a little older (maybe Christmas 2015...) this would be perfect. Especially if we get his car and our car (pictured below) in the same shot, hahaha. 
I know...the tree on top blends in with the trees behind so you can't see it well...but it overhangs on each side by quite a bit (12 ft. tree on a Geo...I love tree hunting!). 
And then finally this one, which I fully endorse:

Happy Monday everyone! Pull on your big-kid undies, put your chin up and have a great week. I'll try if you will at least. 


  1. Your pics made me laugh. Esp. the last one. Now where's my cake....

  2. You're wrong. The deer story is hilarious. Hi-la-rious. I'm giggling just thinking about it over here.


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