Monday, June 10, 2013

Mix It Up Monday- We're Famous!! (Kinda)

So...a total of 17 people have sent me this picture over the last few weeks...
If you haven't seen it, it is ALL over the internet, it has as they say "Gone Viral"...and well I thought it would be a good candidate for Mix It Up Monday.

Most of the comments made were something to the tune of "You're famous!!", or "You guys got owned!"...also there was one sweet reader who came to our quick defense...thank you sweet reader!
So, here you have it, our picture that is gracing the internet with its Less-Than-Pinterest-Perfect-Presence! Enjoy!

The Pinstrosity

Apparently we suck at taking photos, but if you have been following our blog you would know that this picture happened due to a series of unfortunate events. You can read that whole saga here!!

So Buzzfeed featured an article about Why You Should Never Reenact Pinterest Photos...most of the photos featured were originally featured on this blog, (and our watermark was cut off...grrr). At least they linked back to us at the bottom of their post, you can find the Buzzfeed post here!!

Also it was featured on The Meta Picture, and iFunny, and probably every other site making fun of stupid things people do.

In my defense we (the Pinstrosity is a picture is of my husband and I on our anniversary trip) had been trapped in an airport and we're sleeping on a bench next to a homeless man, and another man just chilling in a I said a series of unfortunate should really read the whole story.

I guess it's good to be humbled now and then, and well this has been both humbling and hilarious.
It really gives me a new perspective when I see pictures of people and think "What in the world?!"...for all I know that picture was at the end of their own series of unfortunate events.

So there you have it, my fifteen minutes of fame and shame at the hands of a Pinstrosity.

Happy Monday Pinstrosipeeps!!


  1. I think your photo is adarable and it tells a story that the people of Buzzfeed just don't understand! And am I missing something, what in the world does "Kids do not cooperate" mean?

    1. The "kids do not cooperate" goes with the next picture in the sequence, in the buzzfeed post.

  2. I too saw it on buzzfeed but figured you probably knew about it already. I recognized all of them from Pinstrosity! It's really too bad that your watermark was cut off on some of them too. I too have done the whole sleeping in the airport deal, not fun!

  3. Both of your links go to the buzzfeed post. At least for me they did.

  4. Meh, the watermark bit doesn't matter. They didn't just link you at the bottom of the post. They credited and linked you underneath every photo that was sourced from you. So you were credited throughout the post. Congratulations. :)

  5. You weren't just linked at the bottom of the post, you were credited and linked directly underneath each and every photo that the sourced from you. Congrats. :)

  6. So maybe your's wasn't the Pinterest-perfect way to do it, but when you think back on your first anniversary, you will definitely remember going through the travel shenanigans together. What's wrong with having a picture that's true to what was instead of what we'd like it to be?

  7. If you look closely at he original, it wasn't exactly all scenic places either! I mean, hello, people, car in the background and goofy spaghetti picture in a poorly lit restaurant... I love your version. It tells YOUR story. :)


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