Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Kett Files: Currently in February

For this month's Currently post I decided to use a random verb generator and figure out an answer to the first 5 verbs generated. This was hard, but fun!

So currently I am...

So so so so so many people. We owe a great debt of gratitude and love to so many people. We have been and are being taken such good care of. It's very humbling and eye opening. It makes me want to do more for people in life. I want to serve more. The love we've been shown makes me emotional and I have to move on now or I'll be the weepy woman sitting in the nicu and I don't want to explain to every nurse that goes by that I'm crying because I'm blogging. :) 

Cameron! Well, not this exact moment, because I'm typing. But with Darrow at my Mother's house, Ione with the most expensive babysitters in the world (her AMAZING nicu nurses, we love them so much!), and with Cameron having the week off we'be both been able to be here in the NICU with Ione. Between feedings we have about an hour and a half to hang out, eat, or check out the town. The situation isn't ideal, but having those small breaks in-between with just us has been like a string of mini dates. We're realizing we need more time as just a couple. We haven't been good at date nights ever, but we're seeing just how important and good it is. So with this string of weird mini-dates (weird just because of the whole situation), we've been smooching and snuggling more and I love it.

Heehee. I love him. He keeps me sane and smiling. 

And because he's worried that everyone will think that first picture is his real smile, here is the "normal" shot we took!  He's my favorite!

This one was hard! But I was determined to use the 5 words I was given and not switch any of them up. Makes it fun that way! I could say I've used the viewfinder on my camera to "frame" pictures when I take them. I'm "framing" crochet squares with edging as I work on Ione's blanket. I'm framing the foundation of future blog posts in my head as each day goes on. That works, right? Nothing spectacular, but at least it's an answer, bahaha. 

Baby! This whole room smells like fresh new baby. I used to think it was weird when people said they liked the smell of newborns. But I'm catching on. 

Ice. With the ice machine just around the corner we have all the ice we possibly want. Now that I'm not craving ice all the time it's not getting eaten as quickly, so we always have a little bit of ice melting in a cup on the counter. 

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