Friday, February 19, 2016

All Hail Deodorant

I'll keep this short and sweet today, but I just wanted to tell you one thing I am incredibly grateful for. 


No seriously! 

The plan when I went into labor (in March!) was to get all showered, shave my legs, fix my hair, yadda yadda so that I felt put together and more confident. Well, nothing went according to plan this week! 

My legs were (and still are!) hairy, my hair in a sloppy pony, my makeup worn off (because I'll be honest, I didn't wash it off), my teeth unbrushed (I hadn't gone to bed yet, so that hadn't happened yet), etc. There was nothing I could do about those, we just had to get out of the house fast and get to the hospital. 

But...I could make sure I didn't stink. 

After they told us that I was going to be flown out I gave Cameron a quick list of stuff to run back to the house for and deodorant was the first thing. 

When we re-met in the delivery room he handed it to me, I put some one, and I felt so much better. I'm not one of these women that feels empowered through labor; I feel self conscious to be exposed to everyone who needs to be in the room. Knowing though that I didn't stink made me feel better. I remember smelling my own B.O. when I had Darrow and that made me feel more like an ogre than I already did. 

So today, I just wanted to tell you how much I love that inventor (who's name has been lost to history) in Philadelphia in the late nineteenth century who decided that they'd had enough of smelling B.O. and came up with deodorant. 

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