Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The New New Year

Sometimes your bathroom looks like this:

And sometimes your bathroom looks like this.

Picture taken minutes before this blog was written.
 Why am I showing you pictures of my dirty bathroom?

Because right now my bathroom is a metaphor for my life.

A few months ago I was at the top of my game, exercising regularly (prepping for my third half marathon in 6 weeks), cooking homemade meals every night and eating the leftovers for lunch the next day at work (healthy foods), my house was impeccably clean, like dang...I'm clean, we were hanging out with friends all the time, taking the dog for walks everyday etc.
We were killin' it.
Then my job changed and with it everything else.
I haven't worked out in a month, Chip has been cooking despite his full time grad school load, combine with the last four days of eating out, my house is a disaster (see pic), the dog has been napping more than usual (it's winter and no one wants to be outside right now), we haven't seen friends in weeks, I haven't blogged in a month, and now that I am sitting here typing I can smell that the garbage needs to go out.
Not killin' it.

2016 has started off rough, for just about everyone I know. There have been car troubles, depression, deaths, major breakups, divorce, affairs, heart attacks, anxiety, health problems. You name it, it's happened. And it's only February 10th. Ouch. Rough.

Here's what I propose, a New New Year. We take the rest of February to shake off what's been ailing us and we start fresh March 1st.

And instead of list all the crap that we have going on in our lives we take this opportunity to list the good things we have going on.
I have a full time job that provides for my family so my husband can go to grad-school, we have three amazing pets who bring us joy who are all healthy (and while not walked today) are loved and happy, I have modern technology that allows me to talk to my family and friends who are far away Every.Single.Day. No carrier pigeons! That rocks! While I resent my winter coat (we've become too close this season), my hair is on point and it makes me feel fierce despite my marshmallow cover-up.

Take the things that you feel are making you lose at adulting, look them in the eye and realize that these are all the same crap that everyone is dealing with too and these are the very things that make us into functioning, awesome, caring, knowledgeable, experienced adults.  

So everyone start planning for the New New Year 2016, March 1st! We start fresh and reclaim our lives, re-establish our resolutions and goals, shake off the horrible false start that was January and February and we will be killin' it in 2016!

I am stoked. Now where's my confetti gun?

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