Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day: 2016's New New Years Eve!

It's New New Year's Eve! And Leap Day! Which makes this one of the coolest days this year! 

In celebration of Leap Day, New New Year's Eve, and the New New Year we thought we'd issue a series of challenges for the week to help us all celebrate together!

You don't have to try to do all of these. You don't have to do them in order. You really don't even have to do them. But we'd love for you to join in with us! These are just little challenges for the week to help us all take back 2016, Leap into the New New Year, and spread some cheer and goodness around us. Want to share what you're doing and see what others are doing with these challenges? Post the photo on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #takeback2016 . 
  1. Do a random act of kindness for someone
  2. Take a picture of someone leaping
  3. Get a picture of you leaping
  4. Hug a child (probably one you know...let's not be creepy now). 
  5. Take dinner to a neighbor
  6. Play a game as a family
  7. Dress up your pet(s)
  8. Dress up and go reverse trick or treating
  9. Pay for the person in line behind you
  10. Sing "I'm a Little Tea Pot" in public (doing all the actions!) 
  11. Make S'mores
  12. Put lemons, sugar, and the recipe for lemonade in a box, label it life, and give it to someone!
  13. Give someone a high five
  14. Eat something orange, that isn't an orange or a carrot. 
  15. Go for a walk, sans technology! Maybe even with another human!
  16. Hold hands
  17. Try out a Pinterest Pin/DIY project/recipe you've been afraid of
  18. Add a new word to your vocabulary
  19. Try a nail polish color or a crazy tie that you would never usually wear because it is too "out there"
  20. Finally start that book you've had on your shelf forever
  21. Have a marshmallow war!
  22. Watch your favorite childhood cartoon
  23. Reach out to a long lost friend
  24. Sing your jam at the top of your lungs (bonus "points" if you do so at a red light with your window down)
  25. Take a social media fast
  26. Watch a sunrise or sunset
  27. Make a list of things you LOVE about your life. 
  28. Clean your fridge!
  29. Take a nap.
  30. Go electronics free for a day!
Let's take back 2016 and make it awesome!! If your 2016 has been awesome already, let's make it more fabulous! 

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