Wednesday, February 24, 2016

How I Removed the Medical Tape Residue from my IV

Someday soon I will return to posts that aren't focused on hospital experiences...but this is a lifestyle blog now, and right now my lifestyle revolves a little bit around hospital experiences (Baby Ione is still in the NICU, but is getting closer and closer to coming home...all she has to do is figure out eating!). Sigh. But it's okay! 

Today I wanted to share a quick tip I discovered. 

The medical tape they use to keep your IV in is wicked. It would have to be so that the IV doesn't fall out or move. But it sure stings when it's pulled off (especially if you're part gorilla like I am), and leaves lovely residue that doesn't come off easily.

I scrubbed and scrubbed it with a washcloth and it wouldn't come off. I picked at it with my fingernails and just ended up scratching my arm. I didn't have access to nail polish remover to see if that worked, but that was a thought.

And then the other day in the shower I had an idea. I got my razor and very gently "shaved" the residue off. It worked!

Other options I'm reading about now (but wouldn't have worked then because I didn't have them on hand in my hospitality room) are petroleum jelly, shampoo, dish soap, isopropyl alcohol, and cooking oil. But they all take rubbing it on, letting it sit, scrubbing off, and trying to not get whichever goop/substance you're using everywhere you don't want it. Shaving it off gently while in the shower was so fast and easy!

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