Thursday, July 17, 2014

What I've Been Up To, and It's Not Crafting!!

Hello all!! This week has totally escaped me!! Marquette is off at girls camp no doubt having tons of fun! I am here working my butt off at the salon. I haven't had much time to craft since I have been working so much (50+ hrs/week) and we are training for another half marathon!! So today I know it isn't a Pinstoristy, but I thought I would share what I have been up to. I will say with this though, probably 75% of the hair inspiration pictures people bring in are from Pinterest! It is a GREAT resource for me! I browse fun hair stuff on Pinterest between clients and have found some incredible stuff!!

So here is my make shift Show-and-Tell Thursday!!(In no particular order).

She was a light brown before hand and just wanted to bump it up a notch for the summer :)
 After years of thinking about the A-Line she finally took the plunge!!
This half-up-do was for her mothers wedding.
She wanted her Ariel red toned down a bit and an added blonde section right up front ala Christina Perry.

 "Long on top, short on the sides." Done.

A mother daughter duo came in to get all fancified for a wedding.

Going back to her favorite shorter hair do!
 His girlfriend requested the big chop. He decided on a shaggier shorter Justin Bieber-ish do.

 Chunky highlights for the win!
 My best friends wedding. :) What a great week of festivities it was!!

 Unicorn Mohawk. Check. My job rocks.

There you have it. Some of my documented work. I don't always take pictures and I really should be better but there are a few of the ones I remembered to take quick snapshots of. Hope everyone is having fun being creative in their own way. Right now, for me, this is my creative outlet :) Happy Thursday all!!

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  1. You do really nice work. Love the colours in the mohawk! My hair is a disaster right now. I am letting it grow and the colour to wash out more b/c I'm gonna have it professionally cut and coloured in the beginning of August. My idea of a haircut is lopping the ends off my braids and cutting the 'devil horns' I get when my bangs start to curl up.


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