Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Deliciously Disastrous DIY Pudding Face Mask

I went WAY back in the archives and found this gem from 2012. Stephanie and some friends tried out a DIY pudding face mask and this was their deliciously disastrous results. Check it out!
The Original
The Pinstrosity
So Stephanie clearly didn't use chocolate pudding, and hers really didn't turn out so great. Here she gives us the 411:
"So, my friend and I were having a girl's weekend in, and we decided to try this face mask
Seemed easy, cheap, and would taste and smell good, too! Attached, you will find the texture of the "mask" that we came up with. It was supposed to get tacky, but microwaving it before hand made it too tacky to put on our faces, so then we tried just mixing the milk and pudding and applying that. Well, THAT didn't work well either. We ended up having to scrub the half dry/half puddingy mixture off our faces, but thought that our faces were nice and soft afterwards!"
So what gives?? Well I think this is one of those pins that are iffy to begin with, if pudding on your face REALLY got rid of blackheads wouldn't everyone be doing this?? I did a little digging and found this fun alternative that I think would work A LOT better and seems to have some added ingredients that are legitimately good for your face like honey and oatmeal:
You can find the instructions and ingredients HERE.
Any pudding face mask how to's we should know about readers??? Sound off below! We love your feedback!
Happy Tuesday!

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  1. This sounds like a version of those "DIY pore strips" that use unflavored gelatin and milk. I know you have to apply some heat, because you want the gelatin to start setting, but you can't apply too much and "cook" it or it won't apply well. The idea is sort of that you get the gelatin to start setting, put it on your skin, and it sets the rest of the way while on your face, trapping dirt and other gunk from your pores. Then when you peel it off, they come too.

    I've tried that method once or twice. I remember it smelled funny, getting the right mixture was tricky, and ultimately didn't do a good enough job for me to keep using them.


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