Thursday, July 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday-Glowing Bubbles Popped

Summer makes me think of sitting outside eating popsicles, watching the sun go down, sidewalk chalk, and lightning bugs! But sadly we don't have lighting bugs in the desert (although I did see a glow worm the other day which was AWESOME!), so we have to make our own glow adventures!! This post from 2012 debunks one of Pinterests most popular pins! Marquette did the leg work on this, check it out!

Glowing bubbles would most definitely be the coolest thing since sliced bread. I'm an "adult" (by age only) and I still love bubbles, so glowing bubbles would just be even more awesome, right?!

The Original Pin:

The directions said to break the glow stick, add the glow stick liquid to the bubble solution, and Voila! glowing bubbles! 

I pinned this one on my "To Test" board because I was already a little skeptical. My first thought was "Won't the glow-in-the-dark liquid change the consistency of the bubble solution too much to work?" I decided that I wanted to test it out, because if this worked it was going to be awesome. 

I went to the store and they either had HUGE bottles of bubble solution (and I mean huge) or packs of small bottles. It took me forever to find just a single bottle of bubble solution that didn't come with a bubble gun or something of the sort. Of course of all the different characters/movies I was offered through my bubble selection, I had to go with Toy Story. 
My bubble and glow stick selections. 

Before I dumped in the glow-in-the-dark liquid, I wanted to know how well this bubble solution worked first. It was awesome! Lots of bubbles, all sizes of bubbles...definitely To Infinity and Beyond Bubbles. So I knew the bubble solution was working to see how the glow-stick stuff affected it. 

The Pinstrosity:

Cool glowing bubble solution...but no bubbles! I couldn't get a single bubble to form once I added the glow-stick liquid. I tried light breaths, hard breaths, sideways breaths, etc. No bubbles. The consistency just did not work at all. So I then had a glowing bottle of bubble-less solution.

Perhaps this would work with the huge bottle of solution as it wouldn't get as diluted down...but I don't know. That's an experiment for another day.


  1. I wonder if making your own bubble solution and using the glow in the dark liquid as part of the required water would work.

  2. I was just going to make a similar suggestion as Amber. Like use a clear dishwash solution mixed with glow stick water?

  3. The solution in the first picture is a store bought product...I picked up that exact bottle at Walmart (or Target..I forget) 2 summers ago. It does work very well, and makes anything that the solution touches glow too. I have no idea if there is a working DIY solution, but for the couple of bucks the store bought stuff costs, it might be worth just buying it if you can find it.


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