Tuesday, July 1, 2014

DIY Foundation Powder

Good morning all!
Today I have a fun one for you from our reader Holly. Holly wanted to make her own DIY foundation powder, and used her precious nap-time to do it (that is some REAL dedication there). Did her results end in a Pin Win or a Pinstrosity??? Check it out!!
The Original
The Pinstrosity
Well that would certainly cover blemishes wouldn't it?
So what happened here???
"Here is a lovely picture of myself using my homemade foundation powder. I wanted to try making foundation because I was running out and didn't want to go threw choosing a foundation and hating it because it never matches my skin color. I thought it would be nice to know what is in my foundation and that it would be all natural. I looked threw pins and chose this pin. I went to my local health food store and collected the ingredients. I was getting pretty excited to try this. I had to what till I had my most important me time of the day to mess around with Pinterest, NAP TIME! Nap time= my only time. By then I'm so ready for this amazing adventure. Imagine never having to buy make up again! Heck I was thinking maybe I will make a ton and sell it at my local farmers market. Yes! That's right I will be rich and have my own make up line, and be on Oprah or even better Ellen. (Welcome to my crazy mind!) Well when it was all said and done it was horrible! Blotchy, definitely too dark, not to mention it felt like my flesh was melting off my face! Oh well, back to the drawing board of get rich off of other peoples brilliant ideas on Pinterest!"
There is nothing wrong with the recipe from the original website, but the original writer does warn that that recipe might not work for everyone, and we can totally see that it didn't here!
Some of the ingredients include cinnamon and ginger (probably why Holly's skin was feeling funny), and nutmeg, along with cocoa powder. The original writer states that her skin is fairly light and of Swedish decent, but I can tell you right now that that particular mix would NOT work on me. I am VERY fair,( like the store never has a "low" enough level of foundation for me fair. The "lightest porcelain" which is a 1 still looks like I smeared chocolate all over my face...what I need is a -4 "basically see through" foundation). Even by looking at the original picture of the powder I can tell it would be TOO dark for me. The second I read cocoa on the ingredient list I knew it would be too dark.
That being said Holly had somewhat of the same problem. This is one of those pins you will just have to tweak and tweak until you get just the right combination for you. Another thing is to REALLY mix all the ingredients together so that you avoid the splotchyness. I do really like this idea though and the original recipe is a good base to start at. Many of us will probably have to search out some alternative ingredients but in a way that might be kind of cool having to get super creative for this one.
Has anyone else been awesome and made their own foundation powder?? Let us know what did and did not work for you!!
Happy Tuesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. If she hasn't thrown it away yet, she should use it as a dry shampoo. Dust the powder on your roots, brush well. It's perfect if you have hair that gets greasy if you don't wash enough and frizzy if you wash too much.

  2. I tried using just starch as face powder. It doesn't affect the skin tone at all. I usually use baby powder on my face. My skin isn't light, it's just desaturated and I have never found a foundation that doesn't look orange on me. That looks like a nice recipe, but I think the basic ingredients should be mixed first and the spices added one pinch at a time. It should be kept in mind that cocoa will darken in contact with skin moisture and oils.

  3. Kudos to Holly for posting that picture! Too bad it didn't work, it is hard to find the perfect shade and once you do they either discontinue it or "new and improve" it! :(

  4. Although it didn't work out, I bet she smelled delicious!

  5. I'd love to hear about it if you ever do find -4 powder since I'm also so pale I'm practically transparent.

  6. I have done a lot of DIY beauty and use mostly natural makeup. There’s a whole ‘green/natural beauty’ community online where you can find plenty of information. However, I simply don’t think it is possible to make anything like a foundation from these ingredients. (I have tried.) Anything that says, ‘DIY foundation from ingredients in your kitchen’ sends me running. The starch base of the powder will mattify, but will never give actual coverage - it looks white but goes on sheer. And the rest of the ingredients could possibly irritate skin, and certainly won’t be finely enough milled to blend in well, and once again won’t provide coverage except of the type we see here!

    I recommend finding a good brand of mineral makeup if you want to go natural! You’ll probably have to order online, but for us fair-skinned types (I’m one, too), that’s the best way to find the right colour. Good luck!

    1. Cinnamon and Nutmeg? With my sensitive, fair skin, that screams OUCH!

      Jennifer is right, natural makeup is the way to go. I love Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral wear powder. Even coverage, plenty of shades, you can get it at the supermarket, it's perfect!

  7. Lili Lolo foundation in porcelain works for my super pale skin. They have both US and UK websites and so samples so you can check your shade first.

  8. I have to join the chorus of cinnamon =ouch! The oil in cinnamon is extremely irritating to skin. If you use the actual oil you can even burn your skin I would be extremely careful of this ingredient.. not to mention when that is exposed to sun it increases the sensitivity of your skin.


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