Friday, July 25, 2014

Pinstrosity Party Magnetism

Parties seem to be Pinstrosity magnets. We try to make our parties awesome, so we turn to Pinterest for new ideas to try out. Most of us don't want to take the time and energy to test something out before the party, so we cross our fingers that the Pinterest Gods will smile upon our offering. Sometimes that works, and other times the Pinterest Gods smite us. Emma sent in two Pinstrosities from their 4th of July festivities. Two Pinstrosities in one party, that's rough. 

Original Pin #1

"Originally I found one using the Sobe Pina Colada drink, and my family was not really excited about that. I looked at Pinterest to find an alternative. This [the pin above] was the one that sounded most appealing. I did replace Diet 7up with diet sprite, but I figured that was okay since it was just a lemon lime soda switch. So after pouring the gatorade in, I was so excited that it was *actually* working! Then I poured the sprite in and stood back to admire my work. It looked beautiful, so I ran to grab my phone. When I came back it looked like this…"

Pinstrosity #1

"I was very disappointed…Until I tasted it. It was oddly delicious! So despite the fact that I was the only one who saw it in the colors that it was intended, It was enjoyed by everyone. So kind of Pinstrosity? But then I attempted one more thing."

This one ends up being a bit of a Flashback Friday to our Layered Drink Doozy post. Different "recipe" but the same idea. Check out that link for tips in the post as well as awesome tips in the comments from readers. 

Original Pin #2

"A July fourth bundt cake! This looked SO easy that I figured I might as well try it. Well my white cake looked yellow and thus all my other colors looked blah."

Pisntrosity #2

"I don’t really know what went wrong with this one. A messed up cake mix? Ah well. Another one that tasted good. At least I got the rest of July fourth and store-bought cupcakes to make things look good!"

I'm not sure how the middle turned out, but as for the icing it looks like the red and white got warmed up, but the blue didn't get as warm and pourable. To get the striped drizzle look seen in the original pin the icing needs to be pretty warm and liquidy. Next, I would use a spoon to drizzle it onto the cake, rather than pouring from the bowl or jar. This would help give a smaller stream of icing and give more of the look of the original cake. You also definitely need the back and fourth motion across the cake if you want multi-colored stripes. 

At least they both tasted fantastic. That is the point of food, right?! Right.


  1. If you want a pure white cake use a recipe that calls for eggs whites only and clear vanilla. I make all my cakes from scratch, but I know they have a white box mix that calls for only egg whites (I just can't remember the brand.) You really need to make your own frosting to get the consistency you want, the canned kind is just too runny (especially if you add liquid food coloring).

  2. I think the first cake actually turned out really pretty on the inside; it's just the frosting that turned out messy. It looks like the the three colors sort of melted together? I'm not sure how one would fix that as I'm not a very experienced baker, but it seems like if you could get the consistency of the frosting so that is drips nicely without having to be too warm, it might not bleed into the other frosting colors. Another thing that seems like it could help is to refrigerate the cake between different colors of frosting so they definitely set up before you put more warm frosting on top.

  3. There is a difference between white and yellow cake!

    If you're coloring it, use white cake mix.



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