Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Surprise! I'm back!

Hey there Pinstrosipeeps!

How the heck are you? Rachel, here. Since you haven't read a blog post from me in about three months, let me re-introduce myself. Haha, just kidding (only kind of).

I hope this Sunday Surprise post finds all of you well, and crafting up a storm. After looking through what everyone has been up to this summer, it looks like the 4th of July pinstrosities went over smashingly. 'Merica!

In case you're wondering what I've been up to, let me fill you in. If you're not, just scroll down a ways. I'm going to make a list so it's quick, ready? Go!

  • Mother's Day Festivities
  • Father's Day Celebrations
  • Family in town
  • Laid off from job
  • Worked for mom when she injured her hip
  • Got new job
  • Returned to work
  • Busy busy busy
The good news? Life is going well, and thank goodness I am working again. The bad news? I've got no real pinstrosities to report to you. As a matter of fact, I have hardly been on Pinterest. However, today's post is going to revolve around my wonderful mother, Beth. Why do you ask? Because she's a Pinterest addict like we are AND she taught herself how to send me pins. This means that I frequently log onto Pinterest only to have 40 notifications all from my mother. So, without further delay, today's Sunday Surprise post is a fun collection of pins sent to me by my dearest mama.

1. The Best Daughter in the World
2. Puppies. 
Because, really, who doesn't love puppies.

3. Friends

4. Math and Driving

5. Happy Little Trees
Yay Bob Ross!
6. Sass

7. Astronomy
I'm still not over it.

8. Flirting
Seriously, my mom knows me too well.

9. Facing Your Fears
10. Kitties.
Because, c'mon, who doesn't also love kitties?

If you'd like to follow my mom on Pinterest, you can do so here! I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday, and hopefully, I'll have some projects for you soon.
Internet-hugs to all of you!

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