Thursday, January 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday!! Photo Fiasco!!!

 I mentioned this post a few months back when my ugly llama face it went viral...but it's a good one and the story still cracks me up. That and I keep getting messages, texts, and e-mails from random people telling me they saw my hubby and I on iFunny, or Buzzfeed, or Photo-Fail among other things, I think people would understand better if they read the story. So for Throwback Thursday here it is again!! If you have seen it around, now you will finally know the story behind it!!

We have all seen these cute pictures on Pinterest, and you say "Hey! Super awesome fun idea, we would have no trouble taking these!" I am here to prove that wrong, like we have done before. Sometimes the picture we are expecting is far from the reality of the situation. Here is my (lengthy) tale:
This last March my husband and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary (that was in 2012), to do so we decided to go on a cruise to the Carribbean! Woot! Awesome right?! Well we were super excited for the whole adventure... minus the 15 hour layover we had from the time we got to our port city, till we could board our ship. We had originally planned to get a hotel and stay the night, but we would get in at like three-ish (in the morning),and then have to check out at ten, which kinda stinks because that's a lot of money for a few hours of sleep, and come to find out a lot of hotels won't let you do that. Lame sauce. So we decide to sleep in the airport. For anyone who has ever slept in an airport, (I am hearing a resounding "DON'T DO IT!!!!!" from some of those readers right now...) it isn't a pleasant experience. 
For a little background on the sleeping in the airport experience we had, here is this little gem: The year before this we went to Alaska to visit my sister who lives in a tiny village named Kaktovic. Kaktovic happens to be in the arctic circle at pretty much the northernmost part of United States. We ended up sleeping in the airport after about 18 hours or so of plane hoping, three or four different airports, and it just kept getting colder...(did I mention we went in December!). Anyways, the point of all that was that we have done the whole airport sleeping thing, and it's  pretty much my least favorite thing in the world, right next to sharks, onions, and opening biscuit cans. Don't judge.
So we get off the plane at our port city, and we both know it's going to be a hellava night, we decide to try to call a cab and get a hotel for even a few hours sleep at this point (3 A.M. remember?). So we call I kid you not no less than 23 hotels, all of which say we don't take customers at this point or we are full or we are $500 a night all we have left are executive suites. After paying for all the extravagances of a cruise $500 dollars for 6-ish hours of sleep just wasn't going to happen (even if we hadn't done the cruise, that's a lot of money for a college couple to spend on a hotel, but it is especially a lot when they have scrimped and scraped for a cruise for over a year). 
We decide to call it a night and sleep on the floor of the airport. Yes the floor.
We did find a bench, however it had those metal armrests about every two feet and seeing as neither of us are toddler size , climbing through them to at least lay down wasn't an option.
By this time it is the day of our anniversary. Woot! Only by this time we are beyond exhausted, just spent over an hour on the phone with every hotel within a 45 minute radius and we now have to sleep on the floor and change in the family restroom...Happy anniversary sweety!
What is the point of all of this you ask?! ("Why am I still reading this?! Get on with it already!) For this picture:

The Original

Notice how happy, rested, clean, rested, fed and did I mention rested they are?! P.S. They have theirs framed, it's a nice touch.
Anyways, a lovely idea to commemorate where you were for your anniversary and what you were doing. We gave it a go, and well Chip had the bright idea to do it right before we tried to "sleep"...did I mention we slept next to a homeless lady and a guy in a thong? Well we did.
Here is our less than perfect but definitely US anniversary photo...

The Pinstrosity

A few points to recognize here:
-My llama face, the one I do when I am just NOT having it. (Note to self, stop making that face, it's not attractive).
-Chip in his ninja turtles PJ's
-Custodian who is waxing the floor behind us, try sleeping with that. Boo.
-Also my blonde hair phase, that deserves another negative note to self.
-Can you tell we are tired?

 So we looked at the first one we took and tried to look at least a little bit like we were enjoying the adventure, here is what we got:
Not as bad, but if you knew us you would know we I look exhausted lol.

Moral of the story, your photo doesn't have to look perfect to help you remember what you were doing and where you were. I took one look at these this morning and laughed, it's funny now, it wan't then but in all honesty I had long forgotten about that awful 24 hours in lieu of how wonderful the time with my man was, and what an awesome adventure the rest of the week was. In case you were wondering, we will be using the first photo in our anniversary picture next year, because well, it tells way more of a story than the second, and I look like a llama. And who doesn't like a llama wife?!

Happy Throwback Thursday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. My first experience seeing your photos was on Ravelry. And then I was led to the blog. And now I read the blog. And play on Ravelry (which I would be doing anyway).

  2. OMG - hilarious! Love both of your photos and especially the story. I can not imagine sleeping on the airport floor. At least you knew it was freshly cleaned/waxed! And for the record - no judgment, I make my husband open the biscuit cans.


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