Saturday, January 18, 2014

Show-and-Tell-Saturday, Emilee Bakes and Cakes!

Hello! It's Show-and-Tell-Saturday!
Over the break I had lots of fun things happen: birthdays, baby showers (which we showed you all a few pictures a while back) and holidays. During this time I baked and caked. That's right, I, Emilee of Pinstrosity, Baked! I'm not a baker by any means, but 2013 saw me getting more creative and braver in the kitchen. It was awesome!
For Marquette, Cameron, and Merle's baby shower I went old school. For their wedding Marquette and  Cameron had a rice crispy treat cake and that is what I drew on for inspiration for the baby shower cake. Also, Cameron is big time into reptiles, and anything in biology really, so I decided that I would pay homage to some of his likes when making the cake. This baby shower was a family function and we celebrated Cameron becoming a dad just as much as we celebrated Marquette becoming a mom. It was super fun and I think everyone had fun. Anyway, here is my Show-and-Tell Saturday Cakes (and décor)!

It's not perfect, but I think the little guy has character! He is made of 100% rice crispy treats and frosting!

I learned a few things when making this:
-When molding the rice crispies with my hands I sprayed them lightly with Pam first so that I could manipulate the treats to whatever shape I wanted them.
-Count how many drops of food coloring go into each batch of treats so that they match!
-Have fun! I molded this guy all by myself. I just Googled a picture of a lizard and used it as a reference and went on my merry way. It was a blast! When I finished molding I took some store canned frosting (the kind that comes in a pressurized can and tips are included, I'm a cheater pants, lol) and decorated him and surrounded him with a star tip so it might look a little more finished.
-P.S. He was delicious!!
-P.S.S. I can't find the picture, but I had a separate tail that I made specifically for Cameron, as if the lizards first tail fell off (which is what happens to some species if something grabs their tail), it was hilarious! He loved it!

My next venture was my birthday cake I made:

That's right, pathetic I know...I made my own Birthday Cake.
 But it's so cute! If I do say so myself lol.
I LOVE Unicorn's, which may or may not be totally inappropriate for my age, lol, but you only live once and I wanted a Unicorn Cake, so that's what I did! Next year: Grumpy Cat!

It was holy freaking a bit time consuming, but TOTALLY worth it and it was really fun to make.

A few more pointers I picked up:
-Draw out your cake shape on paper, the real size you want it. This is what you will use to puzzle together your cake pieces.
-Make sure you have enough of all of the supplies you need.
-Clean out your fridge/freezer so that you have space to chill your cake for crumb-coating/frosting/decorating purposes.
-Then eats lots of cake and have the best birthday ever!
(The last part is the most important :) )

Now for a little semi-Pinstrosity:
Chip and I made a Gingerbread House...there are absolutely zero pointers I picked up on this, and the décor is hilarious but it was impressively structurally sound considering how big it was!!

 Here is Chip's side...he just wanted to eat the candy.

And my side, nothing fancy about it...but the roof has to be my favorite part!

Sorry they are a little dark :( My house lighting stinks!

So there you have it, the reptilian, the mystical, and the absurd!

Happy Saturday everyone!!


  1. What's wrong w/ making your own bday cake? I do it all the time! I love how your unicorn and the rice krispie gator came out too.

  2. Great cakes! When I saw the roof of the gingerbread house in the last photo, I wondered why you would use Tums as shingles, but then I realized those must be Smarties. This is probably a mistake only someone in my age group would make - the over the hill set.

  3. I remember making fun cakes like that when my kidlings were young. Their favorites were the pizza cake and hamburger cakes (easily googled) rather than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake which I bought a special pan for and spend hours decorating.

    Ah, memories. Y'all did a great job on your cakes too, and I hope you have fond memories of making them. :)

  4. Your unicorn cake looks like Rainbow Brites horse Starlite. :) Those cakes look amazing, you did a great job!

  5. I want that unicorn cake for MY next birthday!!! And I'll be 36! :-D


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