Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I just now realized why my alarm clock went off at 7am on a day where I didn't have any appointments in town to get ready for. It's my Pinstrosity day! I guess I should make a note telling me why I'm waking up so in my sleepy state I don't just glare at the alarm clock wondering why it is "unnecessarily" going off. My bad. 
So, I'm here today with a great Pinstrosity for you. This one made me laugh pretty good, nearly woke Darrow up. Good thing he's a solid sleeper. 

You know that one octopus hot dog pin? The one to make hot dogs more fun for kids? Here...this one:

The Original Pin
Kristen saw this and thought it would be a fun way to liven up lunch. She said, "My lunch recently became a horrible not really safe for work monstrosity as I attempted to replicate a pin. The objective seemed simple enough: turn lunch into a fun octopus hot dog hanging out in the ocean. My end result however, looked nothing like the original pin."

The Pinstrosity

"I'd made a couple of healthier substitutions, I traded the noodles for mashed sweet potato and instead of a hot dog I used a chicken, feta, and spinach sausage, but it wasn't anything I thought would be too drastic. In fact, the author of the original pin said they preferred to use beef, chicken, or turkey dogs! They lied, this doesn't work with anything other than a regular hot dog."

"As for the GCT test, I'd rate it a 3. This project mostly worked and if you knew what it was supposed to look like you can see the resemblance. Above all it was edible, but it got a whole lot of strange glances from around the lunch table."

Bahahaha, the more I read her story and look at her lunch picture, the more I'm laughing. This is awesome and I love that Kristen sent it in to us. 

So if you decide to try for the hotdogtopus, it looks like a regular hot dog is the way to go. 


  1. I agree, that is hysterical! Looks like a sea monster with acne. I kinda like it though...thinking Halloween?

  2. In fairness, a thick sausage is not the same as a hot dog. A turkey hot dog is still a hot dog, after all, in size, shape, and slenderness, but a chicken/feta/spinach sausage is not. It's more like a bratwurst. (Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love those chicken/feta/spinach sausages, but I'd dress them up as . . . logs surrounded by broccoli forests or something.)

  3. You are SO great :-) Makes me laugh LOL LOL LOL :-)
    Karen/Denmark :-)

  4. Once upon a time, I did media relations for an environmental agency, and a reporter called to talk to us about E. coli and swimming. I thought she had really understood the subject after we talked, however...

    In her article, she insinuated that E. coli slithered across the surface (in quite a frightening fashion, really), attracted to different things like birds and food and such.

    I say all this because, after all of these years, THIS is what I imagine her E. coli would look like. Love the pinstrosity!

  5. I used to make these for my daughters years ago. I usually used all-beef wieners. Occasionally regular ones.
    I didn't read the directions of the original pin to know if this was brought up, but I found that making a six-legged "octopus" was easier. The kids never counted the legs. With nothing more than a paring knife, eight legs got a little dicey. I would also cut a mouth into it and poke the tip of the knife above the mouth to make eyes, as the dog cooks (they must be boiled) they kind of swell and that makes the features stand out.
    They were always a hit. Served with a blob of "ink" (ketchup) for dipping. :)

  6. I also used to serve this to my kids (in a ketchup 'ocean'). Fun memories.
    I always used all-beef hot dogs (the only kind I buy) and never had much trouble making these. Like another poster said, they must be boiled.

  7. This is such a groovy idea. I would totally make those Octo-dogs for myself!

  8. I do these in the microwave. I've got a younger kid, so I cut the hotdog in half short ways and then give each half-octopus just 4 legs.

    As for beef/chicken/turkey/pork, anything works. Maybe even vegetarian-substitute. What won't work is sausage.


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