Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throw Back Thursday: Yarn Balloons

Hello all!
Now that the blog is more established and I know more how to make Pinterest Pins work to my advantage, this is a bit embarrassing haha But it's still hilarious and a good warning for fellow pinners!
 Not everything is as easy as it seems!
 Hope you all enjoy this Throw-Back-Thursday which originally aired here. All of the reader comments are particularly helpful on this one so be sure to go back and read through them if you are trying out this pin!!

The Original

So on craft night, Wednesdays at my house, The Mr. Chips and I gathered the materials, (part of the problem with this is that unless you read THE WHOLE first blog page mentioned, you will NEVER find the tutorial link, which we didn't). So we got together the Elmer's School Glue, just the small one, yarn in various colors, balloons of varying sizes, and laid down a trash bag underneath so we didn't drip on the floor. We dipped the yarn in the glue, wrapped a TON around the balloon, and let it dry. We even sprayed the whole thing with the spray Elmer's Craft Glue (which is REALLY awesome by the way). And here is what we got...

The Pinstrosity

     Needless to say this was not quite what we were hoping for. If you read the directions, which apparently we don't at our order for this to work, you cut the yarn in about three foot intervals, place it in 1:1 equal proportions glue and water, then wrap it randomly around the balloon. When we did it, we just ran the yarn through the glue, then wrapped it around the balloon, one dipped, one wrapped. This was REALLY hard to do because everything was tightly connected to another piece on the balloon and so it would move around and eventually fall off, these two balloons probably took us a good hour. The other problem is that the blog specifically says to use thin yarn. It might also help to go for smaller balloon sizes. The spray glue is awesome for other projects, but this one just weighed it down, and made the yarn white. Another pointer, this is a great outside project, very messy, very sticky...our kitchen floor never stood a chance, even with the trash bag :(

All in all a great idea, but not as simple as it seems, this one takes a bit of an artistic, and patient hand. The Mr. Chips said he would love to try this again, only modified.

Totally Nailed It! haha
Happy Thursday all!


  1. I was cleaning my craft room and found some spray starch I forgot I bought for this project. Not sure if it's worth attempting after seeing this!

  2. I'm not surprised that 99% of all the Pinstrosities happen when people don't read/follow the instructions...

  3. Whenever a project calls for diluted glue, I have to wonder if the original was done with Mod Podge and would work using it. I'll test it tonight.

  4. Beware though! Mod Podge sticks to your nails and does NOT come off easily! You might want to wear rubber gloves when you do this.

  5. I have to say that I think this is a 'not reading the directions' mistake - this can be a very successful project. I made a huge (and I mean huge) one as a shade for a pendant light using medium weight cotton yarn, fabric stiffener, and an exercise ball and it turned out AWESOME. :)


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