Wednesday, January 22, 2014

H.U.M.P. Day: Cakes

It's H.U.M.P. Day All, and you know what that means:
Honey U Made A Pinstrosity has often been found when it comes to DIY weddings...
There are just as many different types of weddings in this world as there are people. Some are black tie affairs, with planning for that can take years. Some are last minute trips to the court house, or the Vegas strip!
Our wedding wasn't a black tie affair, but it wasn't a jeans and t-shirt event either. It was perfect for us, there was dancing and singing, (oh there was singing!!) and we all had a great time!! And the cakes were amazing!
Willow sent us this pin that she attempted with her wedding cake, THAT SHE MADE HERSELF!!! Willow, you are an awesome lady! I was so stressed with dates and trying to get everything done/made that I wouldn't have had a cake if I made it myself haha
From what Willow told us her wedding was somewhat casual, which she said we just perfect for her and her man. P.S. Willow I think your cake topper is hilarious! I bet your nuptials were a party!
Here is today's Pinstrosity!
The Original

Here is the cake that inspired Willows cake. I LOVE that it is decorated with snack cakes! haha! What a fun unique take on a cake! I love it!

The Pinstrosity

Willow said:
"We went with a  heart shaped cake to accommodate the cake toppers. And as you can see, we had to do a little creative cutting to get the snack cakes to fit (that's what's on the [side] trays, the ends of the rolls), and the peanut butter bars didn't want to quite stay put, which is why they're leaning into the cake.  We kind of ran out of frosting too because all of the charts we looked at flat out LIED to us about how much we would need (and we even bought extra!). However, all in all, I think it came out kind of cute.  Nothing I'd serve at a formal wedding, that's for sure, but at a casual wedding like ours, it got a lot of compliments. I would have liked it to be neater, but oh well, can't have everything."

Willow I love your approach!!

The only thing I could maybe think to make this go a little smoother (or neater as Willow put it), is to maybe measure out cakes before hand, or use different cakes. I liked that Willow added a little color with sprinkle cakes and hearts, but I also really like the all chocolate cakes on the original, both are fabulous and it's just a matter of what your personal style is. Also, I ALWAYS buy a TON of extra frosting when I am doing anything more than just a typical frost job. I always tend to use more than I think I will, and if I have extra I pop it in the fridge and use it for something else a week later anyways.

Willow said this was a  GTC 3, but I like it, it has charm and seemed to fit the event nicely.

Hope everyone has a happy H.U.M.P. Day!


  1. I was a guest at that wedding. The wedding, and the couple, were/are both awesome.

  2. Great attitude about the finished product Willow. I agree that using chocolate or even a brown cake coloring agent would make it more like the original. Love that Willow used the end pieces on serving trays. That might be a project worth copying itself!

  3. Why is this a Pinstrosity? This cake looks amazing! I made tiramisu for the 10 people in my wedding party and drew sloppy kitty outlines on the surface with melted white chocolate. There were no complaints.

  4. I love it! It's so creative and cute. And Cosmic Brownies are the BEST! :)

  5. Sorry to be so late to comment... my gallbladder decided it didn't like me and had to come out. ^_^ The cake toppers really depict us well. The little tv screen on the groom's topper says "game over", and my guy just loved it. It's called the "Couch Potato" groom topper if anyone wants to look it up. The Cosmic Brownies were my guy's idea. I wanted the heart shaped cakes. We both like Nutty Buddies and I think we went with the Swiss Rolls and the white rolls just to be consistent.

    I never could have pulled it off without a little help from my friends.


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