Monday, January 6, 2014

Rachel: The New Min-strositeer


I'm Rachel, the newest contributing writer for Pinstrosity! I bet you are wondering what force of nature brought us together today; that force is Marquette. I've known Marquette for five years, which I only just realized as I typed this. Where does the time go?! Marquette and I were brought together by the joys of Latin 101 at the U of A, and the rest is silly, adventure-filled history. During our email pen-paling, Marquette approached me about joining on the Pinstrosity Team. Good news, we have finally made it official! I am delighted. Marquette and Emilee, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I feel that it's only right for me let you in on a little secret; one that Marquette and Emilee may have been unaware of when they asked me jump on this blogging boat. The secret is this: I have a very limited range of crafting talent. What does that mean for you, dear Pinstosity readers? The likeliness that several GCT 4's and 5's will be coming your way is high. I've gotta start a list of projects for destroying... I mean creating. Ha! 

My lack of Marquette and Emilee level talent is what lead me to coined the term "min-strositeer". Think of me a combination of a minion and a Pinstrositeer. Maybe we'll go with Pinstrosit-ita instead? Do you like that better?

You'll soon learn this about me: I love lists. I mean, I absolutely adore them. I have apps on my phone, notepads in my purse, and of course, the grand list in my brain. As a result, I think perhaps the best way for me to introduce myself is in a list. Are you ready?

About Me (in no particular order):
  • I turned twenty-five in 2013. I'm officially a "grown-up". Contrary to the sentiments of many other twenty-somethings, I am really enjoying it. 
  • I'm the girlfriend of wonderful man (Rob), the mother to two cat-kids (Carly and Stella), and the only daughter to two fabulous parents.
  • If I picked five adjectives for myself, they would be: sarcastic, stubborn, silly, exacting, and pleasantly unexpected.
  • I'm great at making people laugh, finding items on clearance, and buying too much of things that I love.
  • I'm really bad at calm, courteous driving, keeping my laughter quiet and contained, and following directions.
  • In my professional life, I'm a technical writer. 
  • In my personal life, I'm the intermittent blogger over at OperationRachel, amateur bird-watcher and fossil hunter, cell phone photographer, and a well-intentioned adventure-haver.
Would you like a face to go with the list? Let's see what I can dig up!

Tucson, AZ. Photo Credit: Kelly at CalamityKelly

My Top 5 Favorite Pins from 2013: Mix It Up Monday:

Now that we've done the introduction, let's jump right into Pinstrosity's Mix It Up Monday! In the spirit of the new year, here are my five favorite pins from 2013.

#1. Louis C.K. parenting win. As a comedian I really, really enjoy Louis C.K. (I highly recommend him if you enjoy R-rated, intelligent humor). His show isn't my favorite, but when I saw these stills, I wanted to hug him. I enthusiastically agree. The world is beautiful and amazing. Get out  there and check it out!
#2. Grammar jokes are forever a win in my book. Combine one with Grumpy Cat and, zohmahgoodness, it doesn't get better.

#3. Phteven. Okay, in the interest of full disclosure, the first image of this next one could stand alone and would still be funny. But, the addition of the second photo literally rendered me immobile with laughter when I first saw it. I was crying and gasping for air. So, here you go:
#4. True Love. When I found this pin, I felt happy, triumphant tears stinging the back of my eyes. This is perfection. I hope it really happened.
#5. Bob Ross. Need I say more?
All right loyal readers, how did I do? This week, I'll start working on a few projects for you. In the mean time, I can't wait to read about what you have been up to and get to know all of you better.

Again, a big, big, BIG thank you to Marquette and Emilee for inviting me to join the Pinstrosity cause! It's going to be awesome, I can feel it! 

Rachel, The Min-strositeer


  1. AWESOME!!! sounds like you will fit right on in. I do lots of pintresty things but forget to take pics. LOL

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Texasnascarcowgirl! I hope I don't let you down. We'd love to hear from you, photos or not. What kind of projects have you been up to recently?

  2. Love your funnies!! #3 is hysterically funny!!!

  3. Thanks for the comment Marylou-- I see that we're going to get along famously. I'm delighted to know that #3 struck your funny bone, as well!

  4. #3 is killing me… i.e. my coworker had to ask what I was laughing about. Oops. Caught by Pinstrosity! But with my name being Stephanie, I can see how absolutely possible this would be! Welcome to you, Rachel! Looks like I'm no longer a lurker :)

  5. I was fully wheezing while laughing at "Phteven" - I laughed so hard I cried.


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