Wednesday, November 13, 2013

War of the Roses

Marquette here. I'm being lazy today and not writing up a post with my own wit and wisdom and tips and tricks (just flatter me and say that's why you come and just for today I'll pretend that's why too). Luckily we have a great submission in our inbox from Jesse with a fun project that you can use to decorate with for the holidays, for anniversaries, for parties, or whatever. Here is her awesome submission:

Well, let's start this out by me saying what a big fan I am of your website. I am an even bigger fan of Pinterest. For a couple of years now I have been pinning all sorts of crafts that I am going to do, but I am a poor 20 something who has mastered the art of excuses.

Enough boo hooing about me. Last week I decided to take the plunge into the craft world and bought myself a bottle of mod podge from Amazon. I stuck a couple pieces of paper to jars that I have been saving for two years and they came out great. I must be an expert. And I have a whole garage full of stuff that I have been saving for this very moment. I must run out to Michael's (an hour away) to get more supplies. All of which can not be used for the stuff I want to work on in the garage, but on new projects that I thought up on my shopping spree. Look at all the great stuff I got.

And there's even more stuff.

One of these projects that I wanted to do is a wreath wrapped in burlap with paper flowers on it. I don't want to glue the paper flowers on cause I want to change them out with the season. 

Once I arrived at home I hopped onto Pinterest so I could figure out how to make these so-called-flowers. Wow there are so many different paper flowers I have pinned over the years. Only I didn't have the right paper, or the cool hole punch that would make everything perfect, or and ink pad (do i really need that), or even a one hole punch. None of the right supplies. I was so disappointed I wanted load everything up and take it back to the store. 

Just as I was about to whelp into tears over the end to my very promising crafting career that would bring me fame and fortune; I found these swirly rose flower. 
photo via etsy
It was like it was made just for me. I read the instructions and I had everything. And most importantly it seemed easy enough so I could continue to claim to be the best in all the land.

Ok time to lay out all my supplies on the floor in front of my TV, cause I couldn't possibly do something and not watch TV at the same time. Got my iPad set up for optimum viewing. Wait... Where are my scissors?  And my flip flops?  There was just two here and now only one. Did I mention I have a 3 month old puppy plus three other dogs. Under the bed I must go.

Just then I hear the dogs going crazy in the other room. Could it really already be time for Daddies to come home? It is and I don't have dinner ready. I know what you are thinking and no it's not the 50s. It's just that my boy friend works all day without breakfast or lunch and is always staving.  To the freezer I go. Pizza in the oven while the oven is still cold. He will never know the difference. 

Some time later... My boy friend is playing video games. The puppy is asleep and the other dogs are relaxed, caused the puppy is asleep. All of my supplies have been moved into the living room so that I can be a supportive girl friend and "watch" Tom play video games. It is time to tackle the roses. Wait... Where is my iPad. Darn it's charging in the other room and if I get up I will have to walk in front of my boy friend and risk waking the puppy who is sprawled out across my lap. Best for everyone if I wing it. I read the directions a couple hours ago anyways.  Well, I looked at the supply list and the pictures. What could go wrong?

Absolutely nothing! It came out beautiful. It even made its own base. That wasn't in the instructions. Now a little mod podge and to show it off to Tom and the pups...

They loved it. Well until Tom did a closer inspection upon dying and commented on how it wasn't very rose like. That it needed waves. And you know what... He was actually right. There must be a better way to make it.

No problem. I bought a set of scissors for that. And I set out to make another one.

This one really didn't come out right. And then the puppy got ahold of it after my boy friend offered it to him and it actually made it better. (There should really be a list somewhere of the supplies a newbie can't live without). 

Anyways, then I decided to draw my own waves and cut them out.

Even worse.

Then I finally decided to do what always works best for me and free hand it. And guess what?

These came out perfect. Very rose like. Well I have a lot more flowers to cut and the dogs have to go out, so you will have to wait until another day to see the final result. I still don't know how I will get these buggers on there without glue so any suggestions are welcome, but I will probably just wing it as always!



  1. I'd probably put a pearl headed straight pin in the center (probably when you start making them) then you can just poke it into the wreath, and still remove it easily later...
    Where is the tutorial for how to make these?

    1. A pin would probably work. When I make these flowers, I jam a wire into the center of the flower and secure the wire to the base of the flower with some tape. That way I can arrange them in a vase. It seems like that might work for a wreath as well.

      I think I might have a tutorial pinned here, . But I don't think you need one, it's very simple. You take a long strip of paper, maybe 12" x 1", and then you cut along one of the long sides sides to make it wavy. Free-hand is really best I think, because if the waves are too uniform, they will look a bit too perfect to be a flower. Then start at one end, and begin rolling the strip into a cone shape. pinching the bottom together as you go. Tape or glue it when you finish to secure it.

  2. This is my FAVOURITE part:
    "I must run out to Michael's (an hour away) to get more supplies. All of which can not be used for the stuff I want to work on in the garage, but on new projects that I thought up on my shopping spree."

    I enjoyed reading that whole submission and I am happy that everything worked out in the end. Also, I craft (or go on my tablet, or read) beside hubby when he is playing video games too!

  3. Looks great! Glad it turned out phenomenal!

  4. I've seen people make a "loop" by taking a smaller piece of burlap (like maybe 8"x the circumference of the "tube" the wreath is made out of) and folding it hotdog style into a tube (think tri-fold poster board ish) they hot glue the tube together so it stays put and then wrap it around the bottom of the wreath (if the wreath were a clock it would be between 7-8) and hot gluing the burlap to the back of it. After that (it is easy I promise, it's just hard to explain) they hot glue the flowers in various arrangements to alligator clips like you use in baby girl hair clips and clip them to the burlap. It really isn't that hard it just takes a lot of words to make it make sense from my head!

  5. Seconded--I also say Velcro! The little pre-stickied dots.


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