Sunday, November 3, 2013

Pinstrosity Halloween Costume || Part 2

Carolyn sent us the details of how she came up with her Pinstrosity costume, and I thought it needed sharing. She tried to pick costume components that would probably be Pinstrosities in and of themselves (based on previous posts on the blog). Here's her story:

I decided kinda last minute I wanted to dress up for Halloween after all.  So last minute I couldn't just go buy a costume because Wall Mart sold out of all but one of the women's costumes, and that one was two sizes too small (bummer because it was pretty too).  So I turned to Pinterest and Google.  I finally stumbled upon this simple, really easy, last minute costume:
I thought it was really fun, and simple, and the bulletin board was reusable in my house.  Then I realized that it would be annoying to wear that, and haul around a 6 month old and a 2 year old.  Then I got bummed because I didn't think I could pull off any of my other favorite costume ideas.  They would all be Pinstrosities.  Then it hit me.  I could be a Pinstrosity!  And not worry about 10 other people having a similar idea!  Only I came up with that at about 9 in the morning.  And the Halloween party was at 5 that evening.  Not much time...

I turned to these posts to help me out: 
And the same curls that I messed up last year

With the bleach shirt I did almost everything the directions called for.  Only I didn't have freezer paper so I used painters tape.  My design was the Pinstrosity logo. I just had fun with this one.  I didn't care if it turned into a Pin Win or a Pinstrosity.  The tape actually worked out really well.  

 There were a couple spots where the lines weren't as clean as I would have liked them.  And the top of the P went higher and wider than it was supposed to.  However I think I ended up with a Pin Win.  Now to go find a nicer shirt, so I can make a fun design, instead of an old shirt with a bunch of small holes...

For my hair I thought I did exactly the same thing as last time (I was going for a Pinstrosity here).  Only my hair is shorter now.  And I did it in the morning so instead of sleeping on it, I spent the day with it up.  So not exactly like last time...  My hair was long enough it stayed up fairly well.  Except for the very back.  It didn't want to stay up.  I pinned some, and kept tucking.  

 When it was time to go to the party I didn't have time to let it down before we left.  I didn't get to see it until we got home.  And I was way impressed with the curls.  There were a couple patches in the back that I would need to hit with a curling iron to have a bunch of great curls.  I was amazed it actually worked for me this time.  I figured I would have the half curled, half flat, frizzy mess like before.

Then for the rest of me I made sure I was paint and nail polish splattered (use a shirt and pair of pants you don't care about), I had fabric, ribbons, scissors, and paint brushes sticking out of pockets.  If I had time I would have made sure I had a smattering of flour as well.  I basically looked like a craft exploded all over me.  I had a ton of fun with it, but wish I had a couple more days to add to it and make it an even better Pinstrosity.

My only warning to those who might attempt this outfit idea.  Make sure the paint splatter is completely dry on your jeans before kneeling on your boys' bedroom floor.  I am lucky I had decided months ago to put a rug in their room to try to keep what ever nasty stuff the boys will bring in their room out of their carpet.  There is a nice blood red paint smear on it from my kneeling down to get the hooligans dressed for the party.  That's gonna be a fun one to explain...

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  1. I really like this idea! What a great last minute costume. :)


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