Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Cracked Spin

Not every "failure" is a failure. It's just another project waiting to happen! Here, we'll show you. 

The Original Pin
Those are so pretty, I love them. The lighting in the photo really makes them shine! Rowena gave them a try, following the instructions exactly, and this was her outcome:

The Pinstrosity

She said, "not exactly what I was going for, but not a total failure. They cracked some, but not the way the picture showed it. Maybe the oven should have been hotter, I don't know." 

You definitely want those marbles to be hot coming out of the oven so that when you put them in the ice water they crack through the center. Another issue may be that Rowena used cat's eye marbles and not just plain/solid marbles. The cat's eye might have prevented the marble from cracking just how she wanted. 

But, even though these didn't turn out quite like she hoped, luckily Rowena didn't give up on her project. She turned back to her Pinterest and found this pin:

The Other Original Pin

Aren't those pretty and clever? Here's how Rowena's turned out:

The Pin Spin

Perfect! So don't despair when a project doesn't come out just quite like you hoped. Set it down and return later if you have to, but often there's a great Pin Spin that you can get out of what seems like a sad project. 

These acorn marbles would be so cute in a bowl, put in a bouquet, used as place cards for a nice dinner (just add a fun string and tag!), or made into jewelry! Great job Rowena!


  1. I absolutely LOVE her spin! I know what I am going to be doing soon!
    Thanks for the idea Rowena!

  2. Argh! Acorn marbles. Too cute to handle!

  3. I did those exact projects! My marbles weren't as cracked as in the picture either but they still came out pretty. My acorn capped beads sold very well last year at the craft fair and I made more for my upcoming fairs, using marbles too. Unfortunately, despite the numerous oaks in our yard, there are zero acorns or caps this year!

  4. I LOVE the acorn marbles! They are so cute and perfect for fall! Quick question, where could I find acorn tops? There are not many trees where I live that produce acorns, so I don't think I would have much luck looking for them in the woods... thanks for your help!

    1. (I think my reply got eaten.) You could try fake ones? Like you can sometimes get fake acorns at craft stores. I feel the same way about nice sized pinecones. We just get weird little ugly ones.

  5. I have a friend who does the marble thing and she says you need clear marbles for sure. But I still think they look cool.

  6. We did this back in the olden days with my grandma but we fried them! in a cast iron skillet very hot oil and you roll them around in the oil and then take out of oil with a slotted spoon and drop into a bowl of ice so it cracks more. Do Not use clear marbles for this they explode and you could get hurt!
    Never mind just do it this way it seems so much safer!


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