Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cinnamon Candles

I love the scents of Fall. Apples. Cinnamon. Spices. Baked Goods. Pine Cones. Sap. Green Chile. Mmmm, it's the best time of year! I'm always looking for ways to bring those scents in the house. There's just something about walking into a house and smelling fresh pine, or yummy baked bread, or roasting green chile stew that makes it feel so autumny and festive and wonderful. I love getting the smells naturally (by baking, bringing nature indoors, or making stove top scents), but those scents don't always last long and I'm honestly not a huge baker (which is probably a good thing as then I'd be a huge eater and then I'd be just huge in general). I'm not an avid candle burner, but I do like a food strategically placed and scented candles during the holidays. You can buy the prescented candles, but there are always ways of sprucing them up visually while also adding some awesome scents to the air. We've seen so many pins about securing aromatic items to a candle and then burning the candle to help release the scent. Coffee beans. Candy canes. And now today we have a submission with cinnamon sticks. 

The Original Pin
The directions are simple. Use a rubber band to secure the cinnamon sticks to the candle. Cover rubber band with twine. Burn candle. Smell cinnamon. Actually, the smell cinnamon part isn't ever really mentioned in the directions, but that is the caption that is often pinned with this picture. But it would seem to make "scents", right?

The Pinstrosity

It looks gorgeous! But here's what Carly has to say about the scent: "The look was there for a cute, fall candle..however there was absolutely NO cinnamon scent! I let it burn for hours in a room with a closed door to see if I could get a scent & no such luck! It seemed like such a great idea! 2/5 on GTC fail scale--a moderate fail; the look was there but the scent wasn't!"

I've tried decorating with cinnamon sticks a few times and it's been a hit and miss thing. If you buy the sticks in a pre-packaged sealed bag you never know if you're getting good aromatic sticks or just slightly cinnamonized sticks. When we lived in Tucson we would get good aromatic sticks of cinnamon from Sunflower Market. Sometimes craft stores have cinnamon sticks that have extra cinnamon scent on them...those could be fun to use!

So this project may or may not fill your house with a yummy cinnamon scent, but it will spruce up your candles and give a great fall look to your house. That's a win at least. 


  1. I think it looks pretty, even if the cinnamon didn't smell strong. Perhaps use this technique on a cinnamon scented candle?

  2. I tried this last year and my cinnamon sticks started to burn at some point, so be careful! This year did the sticks around a glass and put a cinnamon scented candle in it. Works better and is way more safe. ;-)

  3. I think with that many sticks, if you *had* gotten good, aromatic sticks, you would be overwhelmed with cinnamon smell. When you get good ones, just a few does the trick.

  4. I've always wondered about that! I might just stick to cinnamon in my muffins instead!

  5. I used a 3 wick candle and wrapped it in Cinnamon sticks. I keep getting blow outs on the side of the candle and wax everywhere! Is it a bad candle, or could the sticks be holding in to much heat? Anyone have anything like this?

    I am going to continue with a glass container...


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