Friday, November 1, 2013

A Very Pinstrosity Themed Halloween

So Thursday was Halloween! After checking out my Facebook Thursday night I saw some REALLY creative Halloween costumes, but we at Pinstrosity had one in particular that was our favorite, check it out:
The Pinstrosity (literally)
This lovely lady is Marquette's sister Carolyn (also my cousin and friend).
This Halloween Carolyn dressed up as a Pinstrosity!!!
I love this! What a creative idea! She has food,paint,fabric and I think there is even some glitter in there too! She even made a bleach shirt with the Pinstrosity logo on it!!
Carolyn you are THE best! We love it!
Hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! Did YOU have any Pinstrosities over this last spooky holiday!? Send them in! We would love to see them!

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  1. I started to, when I was trying to put scales on my friend, as she was trying to be a faerie that's part dragon. I've heard of people putting a fishnet over the face and neck, then putting on shadow to make it look like scales. Yeah, didn't work. Ended up with a stripe on the side of her face. So I just used a sponge applicator, and dotted the scales on myself. I think it looked even better that way! i have pics of the finished product, not the mess. The mess, we just looked at, laughed, and then fixed! ^^


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