Friday, November 1, 2013

Goopy Turkeys

We hope you all had a very safe and fun Halloween. A part of me wants to add "and that you didn't have any major Pinstrosities with parties or costumes" but at the same time a part of me is hoping to see some great Halloween Pinstrosity submissions. Is that sadistic of me? Sorry. 

Well, as Halloween is over we'll move on with the next major holiday here in the U.S., Turkey Day! Or in our family it's Turkey/Ham/Steaks/Whatever we want to eat that year Day. And to start us out with this year's Thanksgiving Pinstrosities we have a turkey submission for you from Sita!

The Original Pin
Aren't those adorable? Little naem cards were added to each turkey and then set out on the plates as place card holders. Genius! Sita read the directions, went out and bought the supplies, and assembled her darling turkeys...

The Pinstrosity

They remind me a little bit of the zombie ducks and owl cupcakes we've posted up previously. Maybe this is just a fowl problem? Hehe. 

This food "craft" will take some patience and practice. Writing/drawing with those icing packs is hard! Sometimes I can get it looking okay and other times it's a disaster. It is often way too easy to squeeze out more frosting than you actually need, as only little dabs will usually do the trick. I think many of us are used to crafting with glue that dries clear and so it doesn't matter as much if we're slightly goopy or messy. Frosting isn't as forgiving sadly. But luckily the clean up tastes better! 


  1. Also, here's a thought - take the paper wrapper off the little peanut butter cups before you stick them in there!

  2. It looks like the pinner (Sita?) used a larger size of Whoppers than the original? It also appears as though she didn't unwrap the peanut butter cups? I know they are small differences, but they might help. These are so cute as they are, I want to reach through and eat 'em up!

  3. A coworker brought those in last year. They were so cute. They looked just like the pin, but the cowork's mother, who made them, was a professional cake decorator, so that wasn't exactly fair. I hadn't seen the pin at the time, so had to take a picture myself.

    1. I made these two years ago and they turned out perfect. And let me tell you...I am FAR from a professional cake decorator! lol I hate Whoppers so I used Milk Duds instead and they were the perfect size. I really think the trick to this one is patience. You have to go slow and not use to much icing...that's when it gets messy! lol

  4. Have you seen these ones!
    I did these last year! - they were super easy and turned out great!

  5. Hmm, it looks like the whoppers are too big, too. Otherwise, all it needs is practice with the frosting. I think I'm going to have to try these!

  6. I made these last year without any problem. Yes, the peanut butter cups definitely needed to be removed from the wrapper. And I'm not sure that those are whoppers, they are rather large. But good effort none the less and they probably still tasted good. :)

  7. Hahahahahaha I laughed out loud! Mine would probably end up looking the same.


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