Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photo Ops...or Oops

You would think out of everything on Pinterest, photos would be the easiest to recreate. You can't get half-way through the pin and find out you're missing an ingredient and have to substitute something out of your fridge in hopes it works. You can't use the wrong glue. There are no conversions you have to make between US measurements and metric measurements. Just stand/sit/lay in the same pose and instant cute photo, right? Let's see what our submitters have to say and show about that. 

Original Pin #1
Laura says, "I did a maternity photo shoot for a friend earlier this year.  Since it was my first time doing maternity photos, I decided to turn to my trusted friend Pinterest for some inspiration.  A fan of unique poses, I decided to try this one out. Super cute, right?  Well, here's my Pinstrosity (faces have been blurred to protect the innocent):"

Pinstrosity #1

"At first, I really liked this photo because they are both really easy to photograph and they looked great in this picture.  And then I showed my husband.  "It looks like he's peeing on the lamp," he said.  And then that was all I could see.  We had a good belly laugh over it, as did my friend when I shared my husband's comments with her.  Luckily we got lots of other really great, non-peeing shots that day!  And you're welcome for ruining this pose for you forever :)"

Original Pin #2

Krystle says, "So this past Christmas, I got a fabulous idea from Pinterest for a photo for our holiday cards, starring my (then) 3-month-old baby. I went to Party City and bought two Santa hats and a pair of white gloves. I chopped off the tops of the Santa hats to make them look like Santa sleeves when worn with the white gloves (this was also based on a Pinterest pin and ended up being a quasi-fail). I put my baby in a cute Christmas outfit and grabbed a pair of my high heels. I tried to find a solid colored blanket to use as a backdrop. The attached photo is what I ended up with." 

Pinstrosity #2
"Needless to say, we went another route for our holiday cards."

Original Pin #3
Jennifer told us "So my beautiful granddaughter was born 08/08/12 and when she was about 2 weeks old, we took a bunch of pictures.  And here is what I got!"
Pinstrosity #3

"I would rate it as a 3 on the GCT scale – it didn’t turn out whatsoever like we wanted it to, but everybody got a good laugh, and it’s a memory we can share with her when she gets older."

Original Pin #4
Krysta says, "I saw this cute idea to photograph babies with a mug in the foreground and thought I'd see if I could pull it off. My baby was about 7 months old at the time and as evidenced in the photo, she did not much care for it."

Pinstrosity #4

"Since I wasn't actually trying to stage a real photo shoot I just laughed and gave up for the day since she wasn't in the mood for pictures. You can also see that the camera focus is on the mug and baby is blurry, but I'm sure there are any number of blogs or other tips I could find online to remedy that. I still think it is a cute idea and maybe I'll try again at some point down the road." 

Original Pin #5
Kayla decided to try this one out with her siblings for their first day of school this year. She says, "I LOVE photography so I decided I just had to try it! I started with drawing out the "1 grade" and "5 grade" on our driveway. Then it was time for the models. It was a VERY bright day today, so getting them to look up at me and smile was a challenge. Most of the photos came out with squinted eyes and fake grins lol."

Pinstrosity #5

"In the future I would have done it either in the evening or early morning so the sun isn't shining down in their faces."

So...perhaps it's not so easy to just set up the Pinterest inspired shot and snap away. But you do get some funny memories to put in the photo album (does anyone still do photo albums? I keep meaning to make one, but it just hasn't happened yet). 


  1. Those are pretty hilarious!! I love the baby bible one!! Definitely a great one for memories!

  2. The first pic cracked me up...although what jumped out at me was the top of the lamp b/c it looks like it's on her head.

  3. Even in the original pin I don't understand the high heel shoes for the Christmas baby. They seem random.

    I love all the Pinstrosities though. Oh goodness- reminds me of the site "You are not a photographer" except these people have the awareness that things didn't go well. I don't think the sidewalk ones are that bad though, they are fine for snapshots.

  4. The way to make these work is to use them as inspiration, but not try to copy it exactly. There's was a baby xmas photo I really liked, so I copied the concept (naked baby "tangled" in xmas lights) but staged it my own way and it turned out so good. Still one of my favorite pictures of her.

  5. Camera flash should never be used "as is" in a wannabe-professional picture, ESPECIALLY when shooting a baby or animal. Were they trying to blind it?

  6. Love this blog! Cracks me up every time I read a post. Maybe one day I will have a Pinstrosity of my own to submit.


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