Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Em is still alive, but still has no internet...

I'm here. Just not here here.
We are still waiting for our new internet service to get here.
 At this point I'm wondering if we even want internet at home anymore? 
Wait, home?
What is that?
 I live at a school, that has internet that won't allow you to put pictures on blogger.
This is super frustrating for me and I am sure it is for Marquette (and you guys) too. Marquette is the only one blogging and you guys aren't getting posts like usual.
 I feel so disconnected!
Please continue to bare with me.
Hopefully we will be up and running in the next week or so!!
Hope you all are doing good!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Can you add pictures to email? I think you can set things up in an email and send it to blogger...


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