Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shaving Cream Painted...Pumpkins?

One of my favorite days in elementary school was when we had to clean our desks. The teacher would come around and spray a big glob of shaving cream on our desks and we'd get to smear it around, paint with it, write in it, and have a marvelous time "cleaning" our desks. In college I went on a big group date where we were supposed to paint with the shaving cream, but it just turned into a shaving cream fight. Shaving cream is just fun for kids ages 2-937. 

Lindy sent us in a Pinstrosity dealing with using shaving cream and food coloring to paint with and her pictures had me laughing pretty hard. Here's what she was going for:

The Original Pin

Lindy says, "Our finished product was not the Pinstrosity, it was the steps that got us there that went all wrong. All wrong, in like, 2 minutes...I saw this craft on Pinterest and thought, that will be a fun activity to do with the boys. They will love swirling the foam with their stick and seeing the colors combine, just like the little girl from the original post. So you can imagine my surprise, when, before I could even get the food coloring into the shaving cream, my boys were head first into their work stations. Their sticks were buried beneath the foam and they were clapping their hands in excitement as foam flew across our kitchen. I tried to persevere, thinking if I could just get the colors in, that would slow them down as they swirled. Umm, not at all. They squished all the colors together making a strange green color using their hands, feet, knees, etc. The party came abruptly to an end when they both found out shaving cream does not taste good and burns your eyes!"

This first picture is my absolute favorite. When I first looked at it I smiled. And then as I sat there looking at it longer I started laughing harder and harder until I was crying. 

The Pinstrosity

And here are their finished shaving cream painted pumpkins:

So this seems like a Pinstrosity and a Pin Win all at the same time, and it's awesome. It's bringing the kid out in me and I want to go paint with shaving cream now. Too bad the hubby doesn't have normal shaving cream (here's his take on shaving), and I just use regular hair conditioner for my legs (works way better in my opinion). I may have to go buy me some shaving cream and see what sort of art project I can come up with for me to do. Please tell me I'm not the only child stuck in an adult's body. Well, even if I am...I'm happy with my inner kid...keeps life entertaining and adventurous! 


  1. I don't even know you and I sat there laughing until I cried!

    Somehow the camo-esque pumpkins totally work, too.

  2. Shaving cream art should always take place in the backyard or garage. At least now you know if you ever want to do a shaving cream party your boys will love it.

  3. I work with toddlers at a daycare and we strip the kiddos down to their diapers before we do shaving cream activities. Makes clean up easier and the pictures we take of the process are adorable!


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