Monday, October 14, 2013

Mix It Up Columbus Monday

Happy Columbus Day! Here, it's just a normal Monday. I don't think we've ever had a Columbus Day off. Apparently the Southwest isn't that into Columbus. Maybe if we had a Coronado Day or a Pancho Villa Day or something. In school we learned about Columbus. Now, we just work or go to school or chase our children or clean our houses or do whatever it is we do each day. Seems like a waste of a holiday not to do something for it, so I got looking for ideas of how to celebrate Columbus Day. Here's what I found:

Go out and discover America! 
Oh wait...

Cook up some great food! 
But what kind? American for America being discovered? Spanish for King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella? Italian for Columbus? Native American for the people he met? Indian for where Columbus thought he was? 
Supposedly, Mirao was Columbus' favorite I guess we could make this for dinner:

Watch these movies:
Photos from
Why these movies? Check out who directed them

Make and wear an awesome hat. 
Columbus sported a great hat, why shouldn't you?
Need to know how? Here's a great tutorial:

Travel somewhere new! 
Pick somewhere you've never been. Come on, be gutsy. Pick somewhere across the nation, or even on a different continent! Now stuff 3 cars full of unwashed people and dried out food and head off to your awesome Columbus Day destination. But to make it "authentic", no maps, no cell phones, no GPS devices, nothing. You just have to get to your destination on your own smarts. Good luck! Let us know where you end up. 

Use a Tea Infuser. 

Preferably a Mana-tea Infuser.
Or I guess you could use a Mermaid Tea Infuser. Legend goes that Columbus thought Manatees were mermaids. 

I think I'll celebrate by taking a nap. That sounds good. I don't know what it has to do with Columbus, but I like the idea anyway. 

And...I know this doesn't have anything to do with Columbus Day...but I thought it was funny and it goes along with the first photo in the post:
Obama's call to Tech Support, bahahaha. 

Happy Monday everyone! Go do something Columbusish. 


  1. We have Native American ancestry so I'm never sure how to feel about this holiday.

  2. Haha, love the IT Crowd! They also need to ask him if it's plugged in :)


  4. I was told my school district didn't celebrate Columbus day because he came to America and said "OH! They'd make GREAT SLAVES!" That's what I was told, several times.

  5. I came to the comments to post the link to The, but I see someone has beaten me to it. So I'll just say Happy Bartolome Day! (Ri)Charmed - that's your answer - celebrate Bartolome instead.

  6. Here is South Dakota, it is Native Americans' Day instead of Columbus Day.

  7. Is the tea infusing from the manatees butt? I am feeling conflicted.

  8. I too was about to link to the oatmeal, but somebody else beat me too it. Plus I spent the holiday working so I didn't even realize it was Columbus day until it was already over.


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