Monday, October 28, 2013

Mix It Up Monday: Awesome Jack-O-Lanterns

We weren't sure if we'd get to come up with costumes this year for Halloween, or if we were going to be sleep deprived zombies by default. But, Merle hasn't made his arrival yet, so we were able to actually get in costume for this past weekend's party (Em and our friend Randi did a great job with the party!). I'd tell you all about the party and Em's costume...but I imagine she wants to do that and I don't want to steal her thunder. So hopefully sometime this week you'll get to see her awesome handiwork. But I thought before I jumped into today's post I'd at least show you what we went as for Halloween:
Where we got the items and how I made the chimney broom are listed in this post:

It's Bert and Mary "Pop"pins, hehehe. We all know they eventually got together, right? So now her measuring tape needs to read, "Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way. Well...almost." Thanks Mom for letting me borrow your Poppin's costume (she was Mary Poppins too...only not the preggo version, lol)!
Well, on with the rest of the post. 

As I mentioned a while back, I LOVE carving pumpkins. I've never been super creative with my Jack-o-lanterns though. I thought I was clever or creative when I made them...but now that I've seen these I'm just going to have to up my game.


  1. I did the throwing up one a few years back...I was really just going to use the seeds for roasting and not carve the pumpkin but I made a quick sick face on it and pulled the seeds and pulp out the mouth for a quick photo.

  2. We went as Mary Poppins and Bert this year! Awesome! Yours was better though. :)

  3. WOW! Those are WAY above my level! I can't even get the top off the pumpkin -_-' I love seeing cool ones! My friend had a Halloween Party last year and had two pumpkins, one as the WoW Horde symbol and the other as Totoro from Miyazaki's My Neighbor Totoro!



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