Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Em's Internet is back! And she is has a Pinstrosity for you!

Hellllllo all!! I am back!
After 6-ish long weeks with the internet out at our house, I am back to my regularly scheduled programming, (cleaning, sleep schedule, eating, etc.) and this includes blogging! Big round of applause for Super Marquette for doing all the blogging while I have been out. She is a super trooper! Love her!
I was at the school for homework and assignments this last 6 weeks and those computers do not play nice with blogger. But here I am and I am ready to get back to the swing of things!
While I was out, my Sister-in-law Tonya sent me this Pinstrosity through a texting convo.
Check it out!
The Original
The Pinstrosity
Tonya liked how fun the polka dots were, and this is just in time for Halloween, but they didn't quite work like she was hoping.
 Chip's first words when he saw it were, "Those are toes not fingers, there isn't enough room for art on toes!". In a sense he is right, toes aren't always good for nail art because toes are smaller, the big toe is usually ok, but fingers are generally a lot easier for stuff like this.
She told me she used a bobby pin for the dots, and I mentioned that the end of a pen, or a safety pin would be good, or even the end of a mechanical pencil, or the end of an old earing. These are all smaller than the bulbous end of a bobby pin. There are tools you can buy to do nail art specifically and they come in different sizes, I have one but after winging it for years I almost prefer a safety pin or sewing pin. With that being said please be cautious with those, they are sharp!
We laughed about the picture she sent, and then she sent me this no more than 5 minutes after our conversation:
She dropped the nail polish and got it all over herself, her kitchen cabinets and her floor! At which point she asked me for pins to clean up the mess.
I sent her this, while I have never tried it I thought it might be worth giving it a shot:
Putting sugar on spilt polish. Supposedly it is supposed to soak up the polish so you can just sweep everything up. Unfortunately she had already cleaned everything with acetone nail polish to try to get it off (which I would discourage it can take color off your floors or cabinets), instead I suggest non-acetone nail polish remover. We got a good laugh out of it though!
Anyone else have any Halloweeny Pinstrosities!? Send em' our way! We would love to see and perhaps feature them!
Has anyone tried the sugar trick form above?! Tell us how it worked for you! We would love to hear that as well!
Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. The pinstrosity picture didn't show up! It's just blank with a tile in the center.

  2. I think those toes look just fine, just smaller than the fingernails!

  3. After dropping a bottle of hot pink nail polish and having it shatter and splatter all over the floor, I can tell you the sugar trick does not work! It just makes the mess you have to clean up twice as big.

    1. Amen. I tried it and was cleaning my floor all night.

  4. My favorite hack for a dotting tool is to take a straight pin and stick the pointy end in the eraser end of a pencil. A sewing needle can also be used for smaller dots.

  5. Haven't tried the sugar trick. I did try the recipe floating around for pumpkin browniies. Pintrosity. 1 box of brownie mix + 1 can of pumpkin puree came out the texture of a wet dish sponge.

  6. We tried the sugar clean-up method with no success. I think that it MIGHT work if you had the sugar in your hand when you spilled the nail polish and could instantly sprinkle it on. But (unless you happen to be doing your nails in the kitchen) you have to run from wherever you are to the kitchen to get the sugar and then back again, which means that you've given the polish that is in contact with the floor a chance to adhere and you're sunk. Once you've dumped sugar all over your floor you then get to sweep up a pile of sugar (I'd bet most of us know what a picnic that is!) and still have to go around with the nail polish remover anyways.

  7. I don't why that's a pintrosity, because it's identical to the pin... although the dropped nail polish IS a disaster! I'm glad she got it up!

  8. Yikes! Foot macro :( The technique is still correct, but there is no way to get a nice gradient effect on toe nails.


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