Monday, September 24, 2012

Sand Sorrows

Em here: So I know this is usually Marquette's territory, but this one is pretty simple to fix, and mostly just for a good chuckle...and it's a Monday,  and who couldn't use an extra laugh on a Monday right?! Here is a Photo Fiasco for your Monday viewing pleasure!

The Original
We were unable to find the source for this photo...anyone know?

Carrie had sent in this Photo Fiasco, she and some friends went to Stone Harbor NJ for the weekend, and attempted this fun photo they had seen on Pinterest. Here is their attempt:

The Pinstrosity

Not quite what they had had in mind, however still gives a good laugh!

Now I have never been to NJ, so I have no way of telling if the sand there is harder to deal with than any other sand. The sand in the original picture looks fine and soft, but there is no way of knowing where the original picture was taken. All in all, sand texture I am sure has something to do with how it works while molding and playing with it, but I am by no means a sand expert so don't quote me on that haha. 

This fiasco seems to be a case of over estimating the holding capacity of their sand trench, A.K.A. their hole for the body and head just aren't big enough...I'm sure it took a lot of work to get the hole they did make the size they did, and well, I would have been too tired to make it bigger, so you aren't alone there Carrie. However that seems to be the only thing I can see that would help make this little project turn out more successfully.

There you have it Pinstrosipeeps! A little laugh for your Monday, have a good one!

**Marquette here with 2 extra tips to make this work.
1. The key to getting the "beheaded" look is to be able to see the body's neck. Taking the photo more from the side rather than from the feet will get a better angle to improve the illusion.
2. When you take the picture from the side, take it from the sunnier side. I know you'll have to try and hide your shadow, but by taking it on the sunny side you'll minimize how much the mound of sand over the person's head stands out. 
So if the person taking the photo in the Pinstrosity had moved to the left and forward a step or two to take the picture the illusion would have worked a little better.**


  1. This might be a stupid question(I'm on a lack of sleep), but how do you breathe???

    1. In the original photo there's a small mound of sand over her buried head...this could be a straw or even her nose poking out of the sand.

    2. Thanks! I'm still going on no sleep! lol I think both pics are cute, but you wouldn't catch me doing it! Sand and me don't mix! lol

  2. I'm thinking you could use a towel over the head as well. You'd just have to go fast. It couldn't be comfortable for long!

  3. It is very dangerous to bury people in the sand. Some people have died because the sand collapses under them and they suffocate. Here are a couple articles about it.

  4. Don't you know how dangerous this is? Google it.


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