Saturday, September 22, 2012

BBQ Boats Revisited

On my last grocery run I picked up a number of ingredients that would allow me to test out some of the food Pinstrosities that we have posted up so far; I wanted to put all our advice to the test and see how we did.  For test number one, I decided to make the BBQ Bombs from our April 11th post for our dinner a few nights ago. 

The Original Pin
Don't those look yummy? Do you remember Amanda's results? Atomic mushroom clouds of BBQ and cheese. 

The Original Pinstrosity

Hers went a little nuts. I'm sure they still tasted good, but they weren't supposed to look like mushroom clouds of BBQ death. It was suggested in the post that the wrong size of biscuits were I was very sure to buy the Jr. biscuits. I followed the directions and...

The Pin Win worked! They were the perfect size and SOOO good. I knew this would be a quick and easy meal...and I was sure it would taste okay, but I didn't expect it to taste amazing. It sure hit the spot. 

So it is confirmed...the key to making these work is to use the Jr. size of biscuits rather than the large. This is one case where bigger isn't better.


  1. Good timing because these are on this week's menu! Glad they worked out :)

  2. Ooh, I could see doing mini pizzas with this. Add a bit of sauce and pepperoni and cheese. Yum!

  3. My Mom has made these before and while they turned out good, my taste buds just didn't agree :)

  4. these are so easy to make... i just buy the regular size (didnt even know there was a Jr available?).. The trick is to roll them lightly with a rolling pin so they cover most of the inside of the muffin tin. Its so much easier then trying to stretch the dough and make it stay!

  5. Ah! We called these Barbie Cups when I was young and we ate them quite often. Yum!

  6. We called these Barbie Cups and my mom probably made them at least once a month. Now I want to make some!!


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