Friday, September 14, 2012


So lately I have been into the Hair and Beauty section of Pinterest, and well apparently so have our readers! We have lots of Pinstrosities that fall into that catagory and so I have been more than happy to feature them! Here is today's Pinstrosity!

The Original

Seems simple enough right? How many times have we heard that around here haha. After some digging (not really, the website is at the top of the page lol) I found the original site and read the directions! Unfortunately for Esther, they were not attached when she found this on Pinterest, and so her first attempt didn't go so well...
The Pinstrosity

**This is her take two**

Like so many of our featured projects, they aren't a total bust, however, they aren't like quite the picture, which face it is what we are all hoping for in the end. Here are the instructions from the original site, and here is where Esther went wrong:

From: Stop by there, they have some fun stuff, especially for make-up, hair, and nail junkies like me!

" STEP ONE: Pick your flavor using this guide (or mix a couple to find your perfect hue):
Cherry = orange red
Tropical Punch = bright red
Peach Mango = peach
Pink Lemonade = Barbie pink
Strawberry Kiwi = light red
Grape = purple
I poured it into a little bowl but you can merely use the packet as your container!
STEP TWO: Dampen your finger (our lovely model Carissa licked hers but I don’t want to sound unprofessional, lol!). Press your finger in the powder to pick up one coat.
STEP THREE: Rub your finger all over your lips. Try not to eat it immediately like we did; it is sooo hard because it’s so good!
STEP FOUR: Dampen a Q-tip to go back over it and smooth out any clumps or uneven edges.
Your honey will enjoy it too!"
Esther didn't let the stain stay on long enough the first time, which ends with it not working at all! I would also guess that in the pictures above (try #2) she hadn't cleaned up the edges yet...I would suggest using one finger to apply the wet sugar/stain, and with the other hand take a tissue/toilet paper and make a little finger glove with it and hold it under or over your lip so you don't get the stain on your  surrounding skin. I would also probably use a clear gloss or chapstick over the stain after you have removed the sugar for a shiny look! Another option is to NOT use a gloss over and you have a high fashion matte look, which is super fun too!
Esther also warned that you shouldn't do this with chapped lips, because it burns!!! Word to the wise!
Another case of not having the full directions and ending up with less than ideal results! This is a fun easy look, super yummy, and an affordable way for fun lip wear!
 Happy Friday!


  1. Now I'm wondering what would happen if you mixed it with, say, Vasaline or mashed-up boring chapstick. I wonder if it would work better.....

  2. Nope. I would end up eating the whole packet. That stuff is like sour crack!

  3. I've seen some recipes for homemade lip balm/stain using petroleum jelly! After trying this straight up kool-aid lip stain (it is very messy, I had a hard time controlling the powder and no one mentions that it stains your fingers just as well and as long as your lips. Although it lasts a long time and it's actually a pretty cool look after some practice!)

    I think mixing the dye with Vaseline will add some control and maybe reduce the burning lips feeling (the second or third ingredient is salt, that's why it burns) and the amount of stain that ends up on fingers. I haven't tried it though so can't vouch for how well is works. :)

  4. Another tip you might want to add to this post...
    I just tried to do this and I think I may have given myself a slight chemical burn on my lips, the really sensitive part just inside your mouth (if that makes any sense at all).It turned out a beautiful color, but it burnt A LOT not just a little, and a layer of skin peeled off the inside part of my lips, and they still hurt a little (two hours later). Not good. I'm pretty sure this only happened because I was using the black cherry flavor, which is very sour, but you may also want to be wary of other more acidic flavors too (like the pink lemonade) Or maybe I left it on too long. Either way I'd be careful with the black cheery powder.


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