Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Little MORE Encouragement For The DIY-er!

Yesterday Marquette did a FANTASTIC post about not letting comparison get you down, especially in the world that now consists of perfect mommy blogs, and Pinterest. I read this entry this morning and couldn't help but smile at Stephanie's creativity and willingness to beat out nay-sayers in the midst of a daunting project. Here is this mornings Pin-Win!
The Original


This Cute little blog, Thrifty and Chic, has this DIY dresser into a desk project. Now this lady is very creative and happens to put  A LOT of extras into this piece. Stephanie saw this and just knew she HAD to do this. She searched and searched and finally found a cheap dresser at a thrift store and set out on her own adventure!

The Pin-Win

Here is her starting project, this girl has got guts! This kind of thing doesn't just happen over night, some serious work went into this project, kudos Stephanie!

With her Dad seeing all this work needing to be done he was her anti-cheerleader, "You are absolutely nuts for taking this on.", but she did it! By herself! On a side note this beautiful piece was made in the early 1900's, as quoted by her History of Architecture and Interior professor, anyone else having an Antiques Road Show moment?!

The process went something like this:
She cut took out the right hand side drawers, and sawed off the structures that were holding them up, and then literally kicked the rest down.
Then she sanded her patootie off. And then she sanded her patootie off AGAIN.
She then applied two coats primer, two coats white spray paint (spray paint is like my favorite thing in the world right now, absolutely love it).
Next she spray painted the handles silver.
After that she took some foam core and covered that in cute blue fabric, she then stapled it to the ugly gutted inside. Voila!

Here is the finished project ( minus blue interior), looks fantastic!

 And only one minor injury was sustained! Success!

**Stephanie sent us this update of her finished product, in her home.**

 After yesterdays post I really wanted to show that a little stick-to-it-ive-ness and a lot of sanding hard work can turn out a beautiful DIY project, and it doesn't have to look exactly like the original. Stephanie could very well have looked at the project on the original blog and said "Holy lot of work Batman, cool post, next pin please." but she didn't. This doesn't look like the original, and it doesn't have too, she made it her own. Don't be discouraged by lack of experience or if you think you aren't creative enough, just experiment! Maybe one day someone will look at your projects and say, "She make is look so easy!".
Happy Wednesday Pinstrosipeeps!


  1. I recently had a pin-win myself! Yay:

  2. Kudos to her for a project well executed!

    Sidenote: I do have to say, however, as a professional interior designer, it broke my heart to see this piece sawed apart!

  3. I admit, I did cringe a little at the age of the dresser, but it turned out beautifully!

    And now, you have drawers to use to use for another pin floating around where you paper the technical bottom of the drawer and the hang it on your wall for a knick-knack cubby :)

  4. Yeah sorry--archive employee here. I'm afraid that if I were religious I would think there was a special place in Hell for people who cut up antiques. Hack on IKEA all you want, but leave the old stuff alone. There's only so much of it left.

    1. While it is cute- I have to agree on not chopping up antiques....even in bad conditiom, someone talented can bring it back to life!!

  5. I love how she left one drawer on the right side. For all those antique lovers out there... we didn't really see a great picture of the before hand. It's possible it was missing drawers etc. It's better for something to be used and loved than sit around in dust just because its "old". I love the occasional "pin-win" - Love your site! Keep 'em coming!

  6. My hat is off to her. She did a great job.


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