Saturday, September 8, 2012

Angry Bird Cake Pop Poops

It's fun when we see people putting two big trends together. Today trend mash up? Cake Pops and Angry Birds. Seriously, this is awesome. 

(Did you know you can play Angry Birds on Facebook now? Totally addicted.)

The Original Pin 
Those are awesome. She nailed it. The Girl Who Ate Everything said, "These Angry Birds Cake Pops took me a while to make and if you have the time great but if not, enjoy looking at mine. I walked around for days with proof of my work; blue dyed hands that made me look like I had been canoodling with a Smurf."

Crisitin emailed in the Angry Bird Cake Pops that were made at her house. She said that her "6 year old son and nieces (9 and 12) gave it a go.............and boy were these some VERY ANGRY birds."

The Pinstrosity

I love the confused look of that one, bahahaha. Those really are great. I'm still impressed. They don't look like the original, but not bad...especially for having the help of kids. 

The Angry Bird faces turned out slightly comical...but not as comical as what was going on behind...

Angry Bird Pop Poop! Bahahahahaha. Cristin and the kids came to the same conclusion: "My son wanted chocolate cake on the inside and somehow the cake/frosting mix seemed to ooze out of the rear of the birds. We decided to call these creations Angry Bird Cake Poops."

I love it. Too funny. 

This isn't something that I'd run across yet with my cake pop creations, so I turned to the every handy and knowledgeable Internet for answers. posted up a Cake Pop Q&A and addressed some common problems people have with their cake pops and Cake Pop Poop is one of the issues addressed. Here's what they say: 

Q: Why is the cake oozing out from under the candy coating (aka “cake poop”)?
A: The most likely answer to this is that there is a hole in the coating somewhere. Based on feedback I got onTwitter, the most common cause of this is a bubble in your candy coating. So make sure you don’t get too crazy when you’re stirring. Be gentle. This will help ensure there are no (or less) bubbles. I also found that once I had a better consistency of both the cake and the candy coating, I didn’t run into the poop problem. says "I use a dip and swirl method for covering my pops.  Cover the entire pop and try to dip up to the candy that’s already there from inserting the stick.  I’ve had trouble with the inside oozing out if I don’t…not pretty. This part could take a few tries to get just right…don’t worry they still taste yummy even if they’re not picture perfect…I should know." 

I visited a number of baking forums and here's the general idea that's floating around to address Cake Pop Poop: There might be too much frosting in your cake mixture, and as the insides warm up after coming into contact with the hot melted chocolate it expands and squeezes out wherever it can. 

I haven't found this issue addressed on Bakerella (considered the fairy-godmother of all cake pop makers), but if you want a great tutorial on how to make cake pops, check out this post. 

In my search though I did find this little gem:
Cake Poopsicle
Cake pop poop! Bahahahaha. This was someone's April Fools Joke, and I applaud them.


  1. I never got the hang of cake pops..and even bought the cake pop maker. Chalk this up to dumbest purchase ever!

  2. I've never had the patience for fancy-decorated cake pops, but I have done the less-impressive cake balls with sprinkles on top. I have definitely had the "cake poop" and just wiped it off with my finger and moved on with my life.

  3. The red ones actually made me laugh out loud. How horrible! :)

  4. Ive had the same oozing problem; i cant say if this is what went wrong with the above, but i am 99% sure this is where mine went wrong.

    I froze mine to help the coating cool faster. The freezer made everything shrink, and the coating hardened. When they came out and the cake expanded-- oozing through weak spots in the coating. Sad. :(


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