Monday, September 10, 2012

Haunting Doggy Costumes!

Happy Monday! So today I was going through all the posts we have recieved as of late, and there was one about Halloween, and I know it's not October but I just got so EXCITED!!!! So here to jump start the fall season is today's Pinstrosity!

The Original
This little gem is from a website specifically all about dogs wearing costumes, having a bad day? Head over there for a good chuckle.
Kate sent us this photo of her dog, and her attempt at the costume...
The Pinstrosity
Now it looks like she simply didn't use enough fabric, and from the holes around the dogs eyes, the measuring was hard to do on a moving target. Having done the whole pet costume thing, they don't always like to be your sewing guinea pig, unless they are a guinea pig, then by all means...
Anyways here are a few tips!
-It looks like her dog is pretty large, if you aren't sure how much fabric to use, overestimate when you are buying it , and then you have extra for other projects, or more in case it doesn't turn out like you had hoped. On a side note, white cotton fabric is cheap at any fabric store, or even at Wal-Mart, so you aren't going to break the bank if you get 2-3 yards for a bigger dog like this.
-Like kids and husbands, it might be easier to measure for sewing projects while your dog is sleeping. Some of you might be thinking, "What sewing?! I didn't see anything about sewing there?!" Now I know this project doesn't actually have any sewing, or directions for that matter, but seeing as it needs fabric I give it the general label of "sewing".
-Cut your holes for the eyes and mouth area, and THEN use a marker to make them stand out, of course put paper underneath so you don't mark whatever is underneath.
-This project really just looks like they cut the wholes for the eyes and mouth area, then marked the perimeter of the holes with black marker, put it on the dogs and draped the rest over their bodies!
**I want to make a disclaimer, some might find costumes for their dogs to be innapropriate, but as with anything make sure your dog is no way uncomfortable, in any danger or going to be hurt by anything. As long as the costume lets him breath and open his mouth fine, doesn't obstruct his vision too much, and allows him to move freely I don't see why this would hurt him. Also keep in mind some pets are just not ok with costumes, I have had dogs that if you put a sweater on them they won't go ANYWHERE. So keep that in mind this Halloween season.**
On that note, don't forget Halloween is coming up soon and we are looking forward to some spooky posts! Have a great Monday!

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  1. I am sure that this one is showing creativity at its best. They are simply looking great and awesome.


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