Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tried it Tuesday, Ep. 2: Beach Painting

Hi everyone! I'm excited to show you this week's Tried it Tuesday project! Missed last week's introduction of the Tried it Tuesday series? Click here!

Every other Tuesday is reveal day for the Iron Craft Challenge, so every other Tried it Tuesday post will go along with the theme for each challenge. This week I needed to have my project fall into the theme of Summertime.

I looked at recipes, at wreaths, at hair dos, at outfits, and just wasn't finding anything. And then yesterday I found a pin and it sparked an idea!

 (The picture went to a blank link, so I have no idea who to credit for this photo sadly!)

I thought it would be super cute to do this, but to include every family members' feet! So I went and dug through my supplies and found an 11x14 canvas. I thought I had two, but I only had one. Our feet wouldn't all fit on one. So I thought and dug and though and dug. And found four 8x10 canvases. But Cameron's and my feet are too big for one of those. 

And then I had an idea. A collage of all the canvases! So I gathered my supplies and went to get my camera and realized that I wasn't going to be able to record this all in one go, and that I needed to be able to move the camera around easily. So I decided to go with Snapchatting each segment, and then downloading the whole story. So here is my project, piece by piece, step by step. And in the first segment where I talk, I already goof up. I meant to say supplies for my project, not projects for my project. 

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