Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tried it Tuesday, Ep.1: Softening Butter

I've been wanting to get back into trying out Pinterest pins again. That is how this whole things started after all!

We used to just try the things that seemed iffy. The pins that seemed too good to be true. And it was SUPER fun doing them, and getting all your submissions! And I'll still try some of those, but they aren't as prevalent on Pinterest anymore. I think most people have wised up a little and know that you can't pour a glow stick into bubbles and make glowing orbs of awesomeness.

There were a bunch of crazy things on Pinterest, but the crazy has mellowed a little. And so our testing mellowed out some. But, there are still FABULOUS things to be found all over on Pinterest. I still use Pinterest in my life all the time. So I thought it'd be worth showing the various pins I try out and how they turn out in real life.

I've had this sitting in the back of my head for a few weeks, but then this past week my Mother-in-Law sent me a pin that was the perfect starter for this.

And here's the test!  

Not the softy soft I had in my head where my fingers would sink through it...but it's still soft enough to mix up decently. Maybe a "few" minutes needs to be 10 or so...but at that point I think I'd just risk the microwave if I need it super-duper soft.

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