Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kett Files: Hair for a Week

One of the items on my 101 Things in 2016 list was "Fix my hair every day for a week (more than just a regular ponytail or leaving it down and brushed)." Another item on that list is to make a blog post for every item I complete. Whew!

At the end of March I finally got this done! And I even got pictures of 4 out of 7 of the days that week. I did great at fixing my hair each week...but wearing a different sweater each day...it looks like I failed. You can't win them all I guess! 

I love looking elegant, but I don't have hours (or even an hour, or often half an hour) to do my hair. So the week I did this (the last week in March) I went for elegant, but quick. Some days I hit it, and others it was just meh, but it worked!  

Hair Do#1: Side Ponytail with Twist
 Pretty much for this I start with a small section of hair right at my part, separate it into two tails, and then twist it twice. Then each time after that I add a section of hair from the front and work my way down towards the back of my neck. Ponytail at the base with some bobby pins to hold it in place.

Hair Do #2
 Similar to Hair Do #1, but instead of twisting it all into a pony tail, I stopped half way down my head (at the top of my ear) and then pulled the front pieces back and pinned it.

Hair Do #3 (and apparently the same shirt and sweater...oh well)
My favorite twist trick using a stretchy headband. This is one I found on Pinterest and worked to figure out.  I did a post and video on this one a while back!

Hair Do #4

Pulled back into a bun. I started with pinning my bangs back loosely, then pulling the rest of my hair back and pinning (with an army of bobby pins) it up into a bun. 

The days I'm missing pictures of I did a side bun (a combination of hair do #1 and #4), a sock bun (I still need practice on those! It kept my hair out of my face and looked good for 20 minutes, and then it kinda flopped), and the final day I just had my hair down and curled.

It was fun to try some new things, and to put effort into my hair every single day. It's easy on days I'm home working on blogs, photography, and life from behind the computer and in front of the sink to just let my hair run wild and free...but when I take the time to fix it, I feel better. I feel more put together. I feel motivated to make something of the day!

And now if I can just come to grips with how fast the gray is coming in. Sigh. 

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