Monday, December 14, 2015

The Em-Life: My Hubby Dresses Me! Fab or Fail? Week 2

If you are just tuning in this is a series about how I give my husband complete control and decision making rights as to what I am wearing for a month of Sundays! If you missed the first week you can find it here. Last weeks post also kind of breaks down why I am doing this, and why I picked Sunday's, check it out!
This week was a unique week, it's my birthday week and I've known for a few weeks now that my birthday was going to be full of adult responsibilities as opposed to the usual fun and treat-yourself day it has been in the past. The way the day was planned was that Chip (my husband) left for work at 8AM and got home at 4PM and I left for work at 1PM and got home at 11PM, we would completely miss each other that day. On top of everything this is his Dead Week for grad school which means lots of study groups and little time at home for Chip, and I just miss him!! I was pretty bummed about the impending days and anticipating it being crummy. With this in mind Chip really wanted the day before my birthday to be good. He wanted my Sunday outfit to be extra Em-rific! Let's see how he did!

The pictures are uber similar, but all the other ones were washed out so this is what I have to work with this week.
Earrings: Little hedgehogs (Etsy, Gift)
Necklace: Forever in My Heart (Gift)
Sweater: Target
Blouse: Downeast Basics
Undershirt (not shown, same color as skirt); Downeast Basics
Skirt: Downeast Basics
Leggings: American Eagle
Boots: Uggs (Gift)
How do I think he did this week?
I felt like an old granny.
Between the shapelessness of the skirt and blouse combo and the fuzzy boots to church, I felt like an old old old lady. I was super warm and comfy for sure, but I didn't feel beautiful in this at all. I got to church and everyone was wearing slick dresses and cute heels and I felt frumpy. I was trying hard not to compare, but it was definitely one of those outfits that I just didn't feel good in.
Chip was trying really hard to use some of my favorite colors (baby puke green) and some of my favorite pieces, the leggings and blouse, but he put everything together it was just too much! Also, when I wear a skirt and blouse combo like above I generally tuck in the blouse to give me some sort of waist, but he preferred the shirt out, and that was his decision to make not mine.
Was it a complete and utter disaster?? No. Did I enjoy wearing this outfit? No. What was worse was (for him and for me) he was trying really hard to make me feel like myself for my birthday weekend and instead I felt like a frump. He felt bad that I didn't feel like a rockstar that day.
I also didn't like that it was just black, grey, white and green. It felt more matchy matchy then what I like and the pattern combos were a little much to look at. My hair was in a little "bump" and it's grey so it extra made me feel like a granny, and I had very little make-up on whereas usually for my birthday I like to glam it up.
This being said, I'm not upset with him, I love him forever! This just wasn't my favorite look, and in his defense this is his 2nd time in his life he has ever done this, last week being the first time. I think because he did so well last week I was expecting a lot. All par for the course I suppose! Tune in next week and see how he does!
**Reading through this before I posted I hope it doesn't come off as mean to him at all. After church I told him what I liked and what I didn't like and why, he wasn't offended, but he was a little sad that I wasn't feeling great for my birthday weekend. We aren't upset with each other, or hurt in any way shape or form, just so no one thinks I'm picking on him, everything I wrote here today is something we have already discussed. :) **


  1. Just wanted to say I really love what you girls have done since the re-launch, and I love these series you're doing. Great work (although I admit the outfit on this post isn't my favorite). Looking forward to seeing future posts!

  2. Definitely the first outfit was more elegant but this one is cute and the yellow adds that great pop of color. It's funny that sometimes I wear something that makes me feel and look frumpy and I will get a ton of compliments and I just wonder what it is that I see differently.


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