Thursday, December 3, 2015

The "1 Family in a 1 Bedroom House" Series

I've been thinking about this series as soon as we knew we were moving into our house. We moved from a 3 bedroom spacious double wide out on a ranch with a covered carport and basically an endless yard, to a 650-square-foot, 1 bedroom home with neighbors close enough we can see what they are watching on their television.

We knew it would be a big adjustment, but we knew this was the right thing for our family right now. Our house is cozy and we have learned ways to make the most of our space. We're still perfecting things and figuring it out, but we have a great start.

I thought a series of posts scattered over the next few weeks would be fun to show things we've learned, products we use, and ideas we've incorporated to make our space work for us rather than against us, to keep us sane, and to enjoy this house we're in right now.

What our house looked like in July before we moved in. 
So, if I've had this in the plans for so long, why did it take so long to get started on it? Because this is intimidating! I'm showing you my life, my house! We love our little house, but it's not one you'll see in magazines, and it's still a work in progress. As I posted on Facebook not too long ago...I've battled myself with deep cleaning it, organizing it beyond what I normally do, and hiding boxes on shelves to make it look more pretty and ready for pictures for this series, but that's not real. That's not what Pinstrosity is about. I did sweep, do the dishes, and I actually made our bed, but I tried to keep it real. This is what our home looks like. It's not Pinterest Perfect, but really...who's house is?! 

This is smaller than we were used to, but what we had was so much more than we really needed. This has taught us a lot already about priorities, not hording for the sake of just having stuff, being patient with each other, and about being grateful. Gratitude truly does turn what you have into enough. 

Tomorrow morning starts the first official post with the first room! As long as you don't expect magazine worthy photos and ideas, come by tomorrow and check out our ideas and what we've done so far! 

As each room and it's space solutions gets posted, I'll add the link here to this list:

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  1. Very cool! We somewhat recently moved from a three-bedroom apartment to a one-bedroom house. The 3-bed was too big for us and I found the need to fill every bit of space with furniture and the like. It's like when road planners widen freeways in the hopes of traffic reduction, but the opposite happens: car-clog. Anyway, I look for ward to your series!


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