Sunday, December 13, 2015

Dirty Dr. Peppers

I have a yummy and easy drink to share with you all! We learned this over Thanksgiving and LOVED it! 

As non-drinkers, we're always on the lookout for fun and tasty "fancy" drinks. We like looking at the cocktails and mixed drinks menus at restaurants and trying to get ideas on how to make those at home without the "kick". Having a special drink at a fancy dinner, on a date, or at a party can really help take things up a notch.

This recipe is super simple. Super super simple. Really. 

All you need is Coconut Creme coffee creamer, and Dr. Pepper (or we even love this with Root Beer and think it would taste phenomenal with red cream soda or orange soda as well). Add ice if that's your preference. 

Yea hard water stains. Oh well. 
The steps are super hard here. Fill your cup 1/2-2/3 of the way full with ice. 

Pour in your soda.  

Pour in the creamer. Stat with a little, and add more if you want more coconut flavor or more of a creamy texture. 

Serve with the layers separated for a fun visual effect, but stir it up before you drink it! 

There. Told you it was simple. 

I've seen other versions online that take the Torani Coconut syrup and lime juice. That sounds super yummy too, but we really love the creaminess that the coffee creamer adds in. 


  1. Oh! Like a float, but different! Sounds yummy :)

  2. We make cream Mosas. Torani flavoring of your choice, bottle of Perrier, top off with heavy whipping cream. Delicious!

  3. I make a low carb root beer float similar to this. I just add heavy whipping cream, straight out of the carton into some diet A & W's delicious. Never thought about trying the flavored sugar-free creamers! Heading to the store right now! :)

  4. I would NEVER think to put creamer in soda. I'll have to try.


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