Friday, December 4, 2015

The Em-Life: My Hubby Dresses Me! Fab or Fail?

I love getting dressed! My job requires me to wear a uniform everyday so days when I get to get dressed up are few and far between.

I recently read this article about a lady who let her husband dress her everyday for a week for work. Can you say brave?! I loved this article! I often ask Chip for his opinion on outfits and articles of clothing, and sometimes I feel like he has good insight, sometimes I feel like I should ask the dog instead, lol.

I wanted to give this a try. I gave Chip free reign of my wardrobe and complete styling rights for one month of Sundays. I will document each week what he did and what I thought. So far this has been fun! (I picked Sunday's because I recently have had a lot of Sunday's off and we go to church so I don't wear a uniform and usually try to put some good effort into looking nice for Sunday worship.)

Week One!

Chip picked some great pieces for this outfit!

Fur Coat: Thrift Store (I got this piece for $20 and looked it up online after I purchased it, and it is from 1946!!! I absolutely love this coat and it is stinkin' warm!)
Headband: Forever 21, forever ago.
Necklace: Rue 21
Dress: Thrift Store, Talbots brand
Boots: Thrift Store
Bracelet: Circle Heart Western Store

This outfit was comfy, warm and appropriate for the occasion, Chip worked really hard to make sure I was comfortable in what I was wearing and that the items would look good together. I have to admit I was a lot less stressed that morning because I didn't have to fight my closet to decide what to wear (Sunday outfits are hard for me for some reason, and then add in cold weather and you can just forget it).

I was intrigued that Chip chose for me to only wear mascara (one coat) to "Bring out my eyes" and absolutely no other makeup, and he even brushed my hair for me. I am learning that Chip prefers my more natural looks to my dramatic glam makeup looks, and I am becoming more and more comfortable with this look myself.

I am excited for the next few weeks and see what he has been planning for me! Stay tuned!


  1. Nice! I read that story too. I should let my husband do this too!!

  2. Good job. He does have a fashionista gene. Love the new blog and learning from both of you.

  3. Chip sounds like a lovely guy. Have fun with this idea!

  4. Looks great and you have some really good "finds" from Thrift Stores!!!

  5. He did a good job - you look beautiful. I would never do this because I can dress in plaids and prints at the same time all by need for the husband to help

  6. Wow! What thrift stores do you shop at? Those are amazing finds! This sounds like fun!


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